PDF Xbox Kinect Workout Guide: How To Lose Weight and Get Fit With The Xbox 360 Kinect (Workout Guides)

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Wipeout is an interactive obstacle course game that will test your agility, endurance, and balance. This game allows you to exercise your creativity along with your body to turn your workout into a creatively stimulating experience. Your Shape gives you the option of personalized workouts tailored to your fitness goals and specific work out level.

The game gives you the choice of having a virtual personal trainer, fitness classes, or play gymnasium games and best of all the ability to see yourself onscreen and get instant feedback so you can check your form.

"The Biggest Loser: Ultimate Workout" Kinect Official Traile

You even have the ability to enter in your personal information and create personalized workout plans based on your needs and fitness goals. Wii Fit uses the Balance Board with the Wii home video game console to bring you a slightly less intensive, yet still effective exercise experience exercising regularly using this game can improve your posture and work toward fitness goals.

The Balance Board will read your weight and detect your center of balance, and Wii Fit as over 40 activities you can choose from including strength training, aerobics, yoga, and other balance games. Health Fitness Revolution.

Your Shape: Fitness Evolved – review | Games | The Guardian

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Can your Xbox Kinect Exergames help you lose weight?

Laughing is Healthy. Barbecue Food Safety. All Performance Training. And though at first, it may seem like so much fun, there will always be a reason or an excuse not to do a sweat session for a day; then it happens again the next day, and the next day, so on and so forth.

  1. New video game makes getting into shape fun!
  2. Secrets of the Fall (Donovan Brothers #2: A Loving Summer Novel) (Loving Summer Series Book 4).
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Since a purchase of any Kinect game is quite costly, getting another one after disliking the first purchase just might not be very appealing. This is why having a Personal Trainer around is ideal. A Personal Trainer can immediately see mistakes if you are committing them and can correct you on the spot, helping you prevent or avoid an injury and directing you on how to maximize a particular workout routine.

Using Xbox Kinect Exergames for Weight Loss

Let us put it this way: Proscrastination is the enemy of change. Getting yourself an Xbox Kinect Exergame is one thing, but getting yourself to exercise with it is another. Can it help you lose weight? They're good if you're the sort of person who doesn't fancy going for a run — or if it's freezing cold and chucking it down outside — but the shine quickly wears off and they don't feel like they've been designed for repeated or long-term play.

Fitness Games For Xbox Kinect

For the most part, the activities don't come with much pretense at gameplay. Instead, they come with cheery coaching from trainers, regular state changes so you don't get too bored doing the same things over and over again, and buckets of good form rewards, medals, points, achievements, encouragement and reinforcement.

This is gamified exercise, not gaming — which is fine, if you find these sorts of rewards motivating — and it's a very, very slick implementation. Having said that, there are a few entertaining mini-games that bring some play into the experience.


My personal favourite is Wall Breaker, a simple block breaker where you use your fists and legs to smash bricks that appear on the screen, and twist to dodge the occasional mine. It's no coincidence that this is by far the activity I've done the most — it's well designed, responsive and intuitive, and it's possible to get into a genuine flow state, anticipating where the next block will appear and moving to intercept.

It's fun, and it'd still be fun if I hated exercise and didn't care about achievements.

Your Shape: Fitness Evolved isn't a replacement for a serious exercise routine. If you just want to move around for a few more minutes each day, it's a useful aid to help you do so — but if you want to seriously build strength or lose weight, this isn't going to give you the support you need. You can set up exercise goals when you first log in, working towards one of several frustratingly vague options, whereupon the game will recommend time goals, calorie goals and some exercises for you to focus on.

Harley Pasternak’s Hollywood Workout Xbox 360 Kinect Video Game

But exercises you do in other areas won't count at all towards your goals. You can do one or two things over and over in order to score your points, so it's very easy to avoid a balanced routine. And Your Shape: Fitness Evolved doesn't provide any detailed information about how to seriously get fit, stay healthy, lose weight or build muscle, so there's nothing within the game to explain why that imbalance might be a bad idea.