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How have your upbringing and your family affected your decisions? What messages or beliefs have you had to overcome? What values or beliefs from your childhood have worked well for you? Madelyn and Tessa both return to New Bern after being gone for many years. Madelyn returned resentfully because she had nowhere else to go and no other way to live. Tessa moved back to fulfill a dream. Have you ever left a place or situation that you later returned to for one reason or another?

How did you feel about returning? How did the return work out for you? New Bern residents, especially Tessa and Jake, help her see she matters. What are some of your strengths? What are some of your challenges? How have family or friends helped you see yourself differently? How have you supported others to see themselves differently? Financial struggle and fulfilling a dream play key roles in Threading the Needle. How has financial struggle led you in a direction you might not otherwise have considered, like Madelyn?

Describe a time you had to defer or give up a dream, like Tessa, because of finances. How did this change in direction work out for you?

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Is it a feast for you, or do you aspire to more than enough, and why? Why does he do this? How does this help Madelyn? Why or why not? What was the result? How did it affect your friendship? Many of the characters in the Cobbled Court series own a business. If you could start your own business, what kind of business would that be? What do you think are the benefits and challenges of working for yourself?

Do you think your personality is suited for being a business owner? Have you ever failed at anything, and if so, how did it change your attitude, your approach to life? Your willingness to take on new challenges? It is possible to write something that most people enjoy without resorting to such unpleasantness, this book is proof of that. Sometimes it just feels good to read something that doesn't end up being maudlin, or depressing or that you have to search through for a deep deep meaning.

This was just the ticket. I liked the overall message about friends being there for you. Hopefully that is true in real life more often than it isn't. I suppose that's why I've always avoided them" What a funny paragraph! Haven't we all felt that way a time or two? And yet, we know how supremely important a friend is. Mar 09, Katrina Burchett rated it really liked it Shelves: books-i-own , favorite-reads. Newly divorced Evelyn Dixon needed a change.

Abigail Burgess Wynne, the wealthiest woman in New Bern, had many acquaintances but her attorney, Franklin, was her only friend. He Newly divorced Evelyn Dixon needed a change. Her life consisted of cocktail parties and board meetings. She gave money to worthy causes, but only because it helped her public image.

When she acted out and got herself into trouble, her Aunt reluctantly came to her aid. Margot was unemployed and in need of work. She was funny. I also like how Evelyn, Abigail, Liza and Margot started a quilting circle and became friends. They supported each other in times of crises, worked through issues and helped each other to grow. I learned quite a bit while reading this book. The story has a lot of valuable information about quilting techniques, what it takes to run a business, and, most importantly, the importance of early breast cancer detection and the different treatments.

A Single Thread is an enjoyable, thought-provoking read. Bostwick wrote her first contemporary novel with wit and honesty. Jul 26, Kathleen rated it it was ok. Yet another book about strong women, struggling women, rallying women, blah blah blah. And guess what! Happy endings for everyone - all neatly tied up in a bow.

Everyone falls in love, resolves their issues, gets healthy and lives happily ever after helping the less fortunate and kicking the bad guy to the curb. Reminded me way to much of Blossom Street, which was worse in terms of prose, but very parallel in storyline. This one was very predicable, characters luke warm in the likeable department Yet another book about strong women, struggling women, rallying women, blah blah blah. This one was very predicable, characters luke warm in the likeable department.

I'm glad I'm not in a book club on this one, cuz there's just nothing to discuss except perhaps for the preachy parts, which the author liked to stick in now and then as if we needed to be lectured on how to be a good person. View 2 comments. I enjoyed this story of friendship and quilting. It does have a serious health issue that is linked to a couple of the characters which was moving. The story of how they all come together in support makes for good reading and the end result will take us on to more books.

Sep 30, Cathy Daniel rated it it was amazing Shelves: favorite-books. I loved these characters and am literally mourning the fact they aren't real lol. I cried, laughed, got mad and squealed over it! I'm so happy this is the first of 6? Books in this series! View all 5 comments. Evelyn's marriage falls apart and on a whim she drives from her home in Texas to New Bern, CT to see the fall foliage. While there she finds a vacant storefront and decides to open up a quilt shop.

On the eve of a Quilt Pink event for breast cancer Evelyn is diagnosed and wonders where her life is going now. The story is told from Evelyn's perspective and Abigail's. Abigail is an older woman who is a philanthropist in town and knows all the right people. I liked Evelyn, Abigail not so much. She Evelyn's marriage falls apart and on a whim she drives from her home in Texas to New Bern, CT to see the fall foliage.

She is rather full of herself. The story was a pleasant read but I felt the story was pretty predictable and at times preachy.

Marie Bostwick Quiltapalooza Book Bash - "Apart At The Seams"

I loved in the beginning Evelyn tells a story of when she was five and wanders off from her mom in Penney's into the bedding department and is taken with all the shades of white from alabaster to pearl but then is mesmerized when she sees the towels lined up floor to ceiling, row after row in a rainbow of color. If you have ever knit or stitched or done anything artistic you understand the joy of seeing the possibilities there. May 07, Bonnie rated it really liked it.

This is a gentle, wonderful story about the miracles of friendship and is testament to the saying that "when one door closes, another one opens". This happens for Evelyn, the main character in A Single Thread. Evelyn's husband of close to thirty years surprises her one day with the announcement that he wants a divorce. This changes the course of Evelyn's future and she ends up moving from Texas to a small town in Connecticut. Evelyn has always had a dream to open a quilt shop and she is able to This is a gentle, wonderful story about the miracles of friendship and is testament to the saying that "when one door closes, another one opens".

Evelyn has always had a dream to open a quilt shop and she is able to do this in this small, tourist town. She meets wonderful friends along the way that truly become her angels as she goes through some challenging experiences. The story is told through the voices of Evelyn and her new friend and patriarch of the community, Abigail in alternating chapters. This enhances the book as you experience the story through both of the characters thoughts and experiences.

Quilting is a part of the story that brings the friends together and is the single thread of their connections. You don't need to be a quilter to enjoy this book. I am not a quilter and enjoyed these parts of the story very much. I was thrilled to read at the end of the book that this will be a series and is titled the Cobbled Court series. In the Advanced Reading Copy, there is a sneak peek you can read of the next book in the series as well as a reading guide. Marie Bostwick writes in a style reminiscent of Debbie Macomber with the contemporary style and craft themes of the Blossom Street series.

Don't get me wrong, she has her own unique style which has more of a gentle, christian feel. This is her first contemporary fiction novel and she has written several historical fiction novels. I enjoyed the charm of the small town and quilt shop as well as the friendships developed in this book. I highly recommend A Single Thread to those who enjoy books with these qualities. This is the first contemporary novel Marie has written. Her previous novels were historical fiction based around wartime which I personally found myself enthralled in.

She is one of the most gifted writer I have come across in recent years. This one is written well and features a group of women who come together through quilting, not an original concept as there are countless others but Marie pulled these women together well. Each quilter has her own story and cross to bear, also not unique but I This is the first contemporary novel Marie has written. Each quilter has her own story and cross to bear, also not unique but I enjoyed getting acquainted with them and seeing how they came through for each other when needed. I know a few breast cancer survivors who won't read anything related to the subject, and I think that is their loss, because authors like Bostwick can carry it off and the reading experience can be an enjoyable and positive one.

Mar 23, Sherri Thacker rated it it was amazing. Excellent book. I loved it! Can't wait to real all the other books by this author. Jul 07, Madison Warner Fairbanks rated it really liked it Shelves: audible , ecopy , series , romance , chick-lit. On the day of a planned event to support breast cancer, she reveals that she herself has breast cancer. Soon new deep friendships are formed and we learn about the lives of the other women as Evelyn deals with the disease. A beautiful and moving romance. The highs and lows of cancer, friendships, family and love. And the hidden and bonding connections of a quilting circle.

Absolutely lovely. I listened to the audio version. Evelyn has recently divorced and is unsure of her future. A spur of the moment decision leads Evelyn to New Bern intending to enjoy the fall colors and have time alone to contemplate her life. There she discovers an old shop, long abandoned, that she envisions as the quilt shop she has often dreamed of opening.

Abigail is the town benefactor, well liked, but holds people at a distance. When circumstances force her to take in her long estranged niece, Liza, she and Liza conflict from the start. L Evelyn has recently divorced and is unsure of her future. Liza drags Abigail into the quilt shop for a charity project, and it is the beginning of a lasting friendship. When Evelyn is diagnosed with breast cancer, her friends rally to be by her side.

A wonderful story of family, friendship, and the growth that can occur in seeking and offering forgiveness. Being a quilter myself, I understand the community and bond quilting can offer. I plan to read the rest in the series. Mar 19, Vivian rated it did not like it. I couldn't wait to start this one, it got such great reviews from critics and readers alike. Evelyn Dixon has always dreamed about opening up a quilt shop.

After her divorce, she relocates from Texas to New Bern, Conn. Here she forms friendships with several women with stories of their own. I wish that I could say that I loved this book, but I couldn't even fi I couldn't wait to start this one, it got such great reviews from critics and readers alike. I wish that I could say that I loved this book, but I couldn't even finish it. I was bored, I didn't like the characters or Ms. Bostwick's writing. Mar 30, Brenda rated it really liked it Shelves: I really enjoyed this book.

It was a well-written, heartwarming story about some strangers with different backgrounds that become good friends after meeting at a breast cancer fundraiser Quilt Pink held in the shop of one of the women. The chapters are told in first person from the perspective of the different women which you would think would bug me, but it didn't. Jan 12, Kelly Roll rated it liked it.

I normally dislike the type of books wherein everyone rallys around a person in need and that person in need soldiers bravely on. I also found the writig in the book a little akward and the ending predictible. However, having said that this book also drew me in in spite of my dislikes. There was something appealing about Abigal Burgess and the relationship with her niece as well as the depections of individuals coming together as a community.

Oct 28, Barb Bailey rated it really liked it Shelves: quilt-read-eat-sleep , The characters were very well developed. This book is about so many things, changes in our lives, hope, endurance , encouragement and the importance of friendship. I will be reading more from this author. Apr 26, Marsha rated it it was amazing. The characters of this book are so well developed. You can almost see the people as they walk through the cobblestone streets of New Bern, CT. After reading this tome, I better understood the specific challenges of fighting breast cancer.

I'm looking forward to Bostwick's next novel coming out May Jan 14, Vickie rated it really liked it Shelves: romance , chick-lit , countdown , a-trip-to-the-mall , aromatherapy , 4-star , jelly-belly-challenge , a-z-dessert , it-s-all-the-same-to-me , It was a cute story friendship, quilting, and family. Bostwick does tackle a serious health issue and does so in a graceful but honest manner.

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I liked learning more about quilting: I have neither the vision nor the talent to attempt any craft of this manner. I also liked the small inclusion of Mary Dell Templeton from a previous Bostwick book. I look forward to reading the next book in this series. Go Cards! May 22, JayeL rated it it was amazing Shelves: , second-reading , This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

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To view it, click here. The book is about how Evelyn gets help getting over that rough year, which includes opening her quilt shop. The difficulties she encounters seem like real difficulties that any normal person could encounter. The way she resolves the issues seem like real resolutions as well. I really enjoyed this book and I think it may be a book that I would want to read again. I enjoyed the sections about the Quilt Pink pr review: Evelyn is having a rough year and this book doesn't sugar coat her problems.

I enjoyed the sections about the Quilt Pink project, because I think it gets the word about a great project out to people who may not know much about the quilt world. I also thought the book incorporated the quilt aspect very well without shoving it down the readers' throat. I think this tactic would make this book appeal to people who are not quiltmakers. It is a typical feel good chick-lit book, but is written with depth and doesn't seem to include any affectations. I like books about real people where the things that happen to them seem like they could have really happened.

There is a scene or two which made me raise my eyebrow, but this is still a great page turner and doesn't dwell too much on the medical aspects. I enjoyed the way the characters learned from and helped each other. I want to read about these characters again. I hope Marie Bostwick doesn't make the mistake that Jennifer Chiaverinni makes when she recounts the previous 3,4 or 5 books to catch readers up with the story.

That tactic makes those books seem repetitive. I had also just finished Between Heaven and Texas and I wanted to revisit the old characters. This is really a book that I can't put down after I get about halfway through. I thought, before I did this second reading, that Mary Dell had a much larger part, but no. Her part was actually very small in A Single Thread. It is so funny how I hear different things or different things stick out in my mind when I listen to a book.

I don't remember Mary Dell living in Waco, but perhaps Between Heaven and Texas doesn't cover that aspect of her life. Another thought that I seem to remember from a later book was that Abigail mentions owning the building that houses Evelyn's store. If that is true, then how come she doesn't fix the plumbing problems Evelyn has early in the book?

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  • Now, it may be that the lease specified that any problems were Evelyn's responsibility and she does allude to that when talking to the plumber. This makes me appreciate what authors have to keep track of when writing in a series. May 15, Ronna rated it it was amazing. I don't know how I've managed to miss Marie Bostwick's books!!

    Now that I've read the first book in her quilt shop series, I've become a huge fan.