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Move Your Marketing Beyond Spreadsheets While advertising options and channels have moved forward with multiple sources like Facebook, Google etc most marketers still depend on Excel to measure marketing performance. Our product is changing that. We are building the first of it's kind Advertising platform Our SDK helps apps provide complete chat functionality to their users, helping them talk to each other from within the apps It's intuitive to use, fast Connecting consumer to content of choice TV Remotes are a painful navigation devices, with changes in technology and digitization of broadcast, the need of a smarter navigation aids is like never before.

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Realization of this massive pain prompted us to build a new experience called Echo, to re-imagine A student posts a requirement on ThinkVidya. Hence we built Oliveboard as an adaptive learning platform that breaks content down Making video sharing fun and personal by adding contextual content to video Stringo is a social mobile video application that makes it fun to share videos you discover online by adding fun and personal content and context to the video at any point in time in the video and then share it. Relationship Intelligence to make you win, faster. It provides the user with intelligence about your professional contacts.

Do you remember who you met in San Francisco Ease your hiring Makes screening candidate and conducting telephone interview super easy. It takes care all details so you can focus on your hiring needs. Futuristic Interactive Solutions OoBI - [Out of Box Interactions] offers customized interactive media solutions to attract visitors or consumers and engage them with digital content through novel interactions. We design applications to suit your exact business requirements. Such new age applications Our Mission is to enable marketers with an Optimum Decision Making in an evolving digital environment through a suggestive aggregator platform.

Board games, toys and electronics We have launched couple of board and card games in Indian market. We are soon launching number of new board games and a very innovative electronics toy for kids. Our first board game is called 'Politics of India' which is launched in Indian market, some more information Attribo is now available as public This allows you to create rich dashboards that work on all devices without compromising on maintainability or functionality Laundry on demand Doing laundry takes time and energy, which you could spend doing what you love instead of some boring menial task such as laundry.

Sure, you could take it to the local laundry or dry cleaning, but it still takes time and can be rather inconvenient at the end. Discovery, Personalization, eCommerce plaform for home interior design Livspace is a highly innovative, personalized home design and decor marketplace for homeowners. With Livspace, customers can discover thousands of interior designs for all types of rooms, personalize the design - by color, material, style - to their liking, and But we have vision and strategy to execute with unique passion which in end bring difference in competition to our Use Fedena management information system to manage students, Helping tour operators go online Moxiter is a SaaS based travel distribution platform helping tour operators go online.

The platform helps tour operators in automating their back-office operations and distributing inventory online to a wider agent network. We are helping tour operators scale Providing real-time cross-platform messaging transport exposed via developer api's Jaxl started in summer of with a vision of providing a real-time PUSH transport for applications over cloud which works across all platforms.

Frontend API's were supported How does your choice beat with others ChoiceBeat is a consumer driven application, that allows an user to create her own preference network. Essentially this tries to figure out, the like preference of an Individual and a product's or object's like preference and subsequently, many other useful stuff Outbrain for videos Vozeal is a native video advertisement platform for brands and video content creators to find new users, get more views and expand their reach.

Vozeal gives engagement tools for publishers to engage their web traffic with their youtube channels. This provides Field Service Management for Agriculture companies Field marketing management for agri business companies. Enables field staff to capture data, analyse it, making decisions from the mobile client. The data will then be synced with server.

Our Automated Inventory Management People can earn money in the circle using their A Business Design incubator for Social Enterprises Enable-D is a lab that works with seed-stage entrepreneurs with ideas for trans-formative impact to accelerate their journey from Mind-to-Market using Business Design. Each entrepreneurial team works with a multi-disciplinary design strategy team to design, test For Free.

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Time to Buy New Cars Online FirstRide simplifies the hassles of buying a new car right from providing unbiased information to organising a test drive and buying the car. Currently, you can only research about cars online. FirstRide plans to take a step ahead and bring in the option to Book Following are the benefits to the user; 1. Find all projects in the city. Need not run poles to pillars to find his choice.

Distributing life-improving technologies Essmart creates a distribution channel for life-improving technologies like solar lanterns and water filters to move from manufacturers to people who can benefit from them. We leverage the existing retail shop network, where trust-based buying relationships are Personalised content browser on the Android lockscreen Twiddly is building the next generation of push notifications. We help app publishers and brands engage with their users by building immersive experiences on the lockscreen.

We're one of the 5 startups which are in the current batch of the Target Accelerator. Partner with The users need be familiar with only some scripting language e.

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Also available On-demand local travel experiences Padhaaro is an on-demand marketplace to connect travelers with locals and help them discover and book amazing tours and local experiences on-the-go. All our tours and experiences are hosted by local greeters who know their city like the back of their hands. Platform for Professional and Amateur Photographers to sell their Digital content. One stop digital media at affordable price. Hangout: whenever, wherever!

Hangout - Whenever, Wherever! In the Spidr universe, every place is a "Web" - a virtual hangout where you exchange video clips, For smaller organizations, human factors impact on efficiency is low as there is great visibility into what each person is doing. As companies start Simplistic Industrial Robots for the SME We are a Bangalore based robotics technology firm working on simple and easy to use industrial robots for the SME Our robots are equipped with intelligent software which allows the SME machine operator to program the application on the robot in a few minutes Hence An adaptive learning platform for Mathematics for K kids.

It is the belief that we can take statistical average to understand each student. Unfortunately, education has not quite realized the myth yet, and so what we have is a situation Recipe kits for food enthusiasts which helps them make exotic dishes at home Toptomato Gourmet Boxes are Do-it-Yourself Kits for culinary enthusiasts to have fun in the kitchen without the usual homework!

Online Identity and Transaction Verification Online system logins are prone to identity and transaction theft by trojans. OTP and other 2 factor authentication systems cannot stop them. Intelligent cloud analytics platform to maximize the benefits of hybrid Cloud. ActOnMagic is based on predictive models to maximize the benefits of hybrid Cloud for service providers, enterprises and their customers. Infusing Intelligence in Logistics We provide end to end Employee Transportation Solutions to help enterprises solve their logistical problems associated with Employee Transportation powered by a cloud based SaaS.

It brings to the market unique proposition like selling products as a story and unique handcrafted gifts. It helps the customer make an educated buy. We have both B2C and B2B customers. We have Awesome Study Notes Classmint is an interactive study notes service rooted in research-proven scientific techniques that help to learn faster and apply learned knowledge.

Classmint lets anyone create annotatable, audible, beautiful notes that can be folded like paper. It also maintains Social Commerce Platform Teritree Technologies is a technology start-up providing solutions for monetizing social shopping experiences. Our mission is to bring social commerce in to main stream business. Connecting eligible Indians worldwide. The traditional process of arranged marriages is soon losing the light of day in India. Aisle has set out to do exactly that. Making Legal services A-A-S for startups Accessible - Affordable- Simple Inolyst is an one stop platform for startups, entrepreneurs for getting their IPR and legal needs done in a simple, acessible and affordable manner.

An ergonomically designed portable tablet device holder. The current solutions help keep the device in one place, while the users adjusts his Through the help of visuals, we help communicate business related information. BizToonz is the shorty for Business Cartoons. Mobile Apps - Products We currently have 2 products that are ready: 1. The front-page to your internet. A single place where you can get updates from all the websites you follow regularly on the internet, filr.

Streams could be, for example, RSS feeds, only the best articles from a specific website, An Internal Communication and Colloboration application. Dotmach is a Work Management Application, which helps teams to work together better by improving the way they communicate, collaborate and share content at workplace to get work done. Technology Platform for experiential commerce LoungeCommerce is a commerce platform providing a way to compete with amazon like businesses on a click of a button. Buyer experience : 1. Walk into Platform for hyperlocal logistics We are building India's largest fleet of on demand delivery drivers.

Pickup happens within 5 minutes and hyperlocal deliveries take less than 20 minutes. Real Estate Classifieds We are building a platform for the cleanest repository of real estate data. We need help with data-crunching, data-structures, algorithms and everything. RealTime Data Anaysis RealTime Analytics - BigData analysis to integrate ops intelligence with business operation in real time such that the insight collected from data can be applied in business in real time. Have google like real time analytics in house with lot more coverage and Small and early stage enterprises often have limited in house resources to solve some of these problems.

Googling and looking for online articles and forums doesn't offer solutions Organise frequent group activities with friends. Tootle help friends to organise frequent group activities. The app will deliver a better experience for Design, Visualize and Manage your dream home before you build it Ghar is a cloud based 3D augmented reality platform for home design that allows users to customize and visualize their dream home even before they buy or build. Showing the right direction to students at the right time. Smatrx aims to enhance your school life experience with our Innovative software.

Studies show that globally almost 1. It enables the user to precisely locate containers in vast land of 10s and s of acres. Its a complete product and has been deployed at several yards in India. Interactive Images Turnaround Innovision enables degree Interactive images for everyone and everything on the web. For free. In 2 minutes. It is as easy as taking and uploading an image or a video. Anyone with a camera or a mobile with camera option can take multiple images and Social media marketing tool for online sellers. We help marketplaces sellers and indie e-commerce websites to promote their products and increase reach on multiple social platforms.

We save them hours of manual effort, by automating most We have created a unique tool for credit scoring consumers as well as SMB, to provide customized financial products. Mobile Platform to Enhance Urban Commuting Urbway provides value added services to premium commuters to identify the most easy and convenient transport options available, anywhere in the city. It also provides -Standardized rate framework -Secure payment options -Map based navigation and route selection For Burfii CDN acts as a local server inside a moving It allows Cricket fans to live and share their passion for the game on the go.

Rally friends and challenge them in predicting outcomes. Earn bragging rights by scoring Indian questions. Indian answers. Users can ask questions and post answers without registering - making it easier for us to generate anonymous, honest reviews and answers on questions being asked. Reinventing discovery and engagement in commerce. ZingoHub is a social e-commerce marketplace which enhances discovery and engagement between consumers and vendors.

Crave it. Get it! Like Quora for shopping. More updates on YogaTribe soon Get it" EveryCrave - Get exactly We are integrating India's logistics network to provide transparent prices, extensive pincode coverage and powerful technology to track and manage shipments. Our three big ambitious goals are 1. If you want to engage your mobile app users, stay tuned. We'd be launching soon. Real time customer engagement on email, social media and the web muHive helps brands solve the problem of real time customer engagement on all contemporary channels on the web social media, email, websites with a simple to use, controlled automation framework.

Like Flipboard but for videos, with more precise discovery Jumproll is your gateway to online videos! Create Smart Video Channels with your favorite videos and you will never need to search for videos again. Jumproll will keep searching the web for new videos and keep your channel always up to date. They might have tried the best with various print media, newsletters and yellow pages but could not reach the desired results. Time to waive off all your One stop content management solution for salesforce customers Eliminate your salesforce storage cost.

A permanent solution for your storage growth with unlimited file storage, No size limits, Multi-file uploads, Store your entire families' prescriptions in one place and conveniently reorder for chronic patients. Personalized Content to every User We follow random path on internet for same topic of interest and what web lacks is meaning in the route. Not all new articles in leadership section of fav. Your sibling deserves a place on your phone.

The app works like a room you share with your siblings. All the files, photos, music, links and memories you add will be accessible by all your siblings. Free group messaging and a shared archive make it simple to Social Movie Rating Mozvo was born with the simple idea of making movie review process more inclusive, broadbased and intelligent. With this site, we have taken a small step towards that. We analyze public reviews, tweets, critic reviews, blogs related to released as well as forthcoming Educating rural Indian children by leveraging tablet technology 40K PLUS runs an after-school education program in rural Indian villages for primary-aged children.

We set up learning centres pods for up to 45 kids per village. Live Reviews Social media around Nightlife and Events Oyeparty provides latest updates,offers and online tickets to the Best Nightlife events in India. Its Social Media integration allows customer to interact around Nightlife in a very unique way. The Events market in India being very unorganized,Oyeparty provides Tansquare is a framework, anyone with just Facebook page can build their own Mobile apps.

Tansquare is a SaaS based B2B focused product for small businesses. With Tansquare anyone with Facebook page can build their mobile app. Enabling customers their mobile presence with demographics and analytics of their mobile users. Mobile apps in major platforms, India's first dedicated online marketplace for pre-owned fashion. Members spend buttons to buy stuff and earn buttons by selling stuff.

They can also buy buttons using our payment gateway Furlenco is India's first and only Furniture Subscription Program. Furlenco offers a range of curated home furniture experiences, designed to suit the lifestyle needs of varied audiences spanning students to families and expatriates. Indian consumer web products startup Building two products: Frrole - The social newspaper for your city. Built by analyzing Twitter buzz for each city.

Something like Tweetmeme localized. Currently building to make it Solving small change problem mobileGullak helps retailer save small change to customer's mobile phone. See our short video here : www. And to First, by using the reach of existing students, through their social networks to reach higher quality, influenceable applicants. Users contribute sentences to write a posts long story. Story lines are crowd-conjured and chosen by the community.

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We are doing this by making recommendations simple and concise. Your local sports community A mobile application that lets people who like to work out or play a sport find people to play with or work out with through their existing social network or their nearby location. Through Qotrain, users can connect with their facebook friends and friends of Sports platform that helps people discover players , places , leagues ,events to play. Houzify enables users to discover and act Bringing a paradigm shift in content consumption: from pull to highly customised push Plash Digital Labs is a product development company focused on developing cloud-based mobile products.

Our flagship product is a personalized news aggregator delivering the latest news and information from thousands of newspapers, blogs, and magazines. It brings Data- the new game changer in the Oil and Gas Industry Seven Lakes Technologies transforms data into a powerful decision making tool in the engineering and business functions of the upstream exploration and production oil and gas industry. Marketplace for digital calendar content Have you ever missed an event or show you wanted to attend, because you forgot to enter it into your calendar?

Have you wondered why your kids schools, sports and entertainment organizations send emails, PDF attachments and hand-out paper based schedule? We certainly A public place and a public newspaper where user is the journalist, reporter ,photographer and editor.

ReachU uses location based bookings to efficiently manage the schedule of professionals, and ensure availability of services to customers, in the shortest Madzz is our neighborhood deal finder and local mobile commerce platform. We have released Madzz in to the wild about 60 days ago. We are now excited to announce that Madzz is in 9 cities across India Get reports and provide feedback. GPS enabled bags My company, Saltbridge, has developed Trackid, a GPS enabled bag to help parents keep track of their kid's whereabouts and wellbeing in real-time with ease.

We often see parents asking questions like One Stop Everyday Design Store! The mobile visual identification systems currently identify people, their demographics, objects, gestures and biological specimens. The SAAS based, hardware In today's world where personal references and recommendations are priority, we have provided everyone a platform to tell your thoughts about an individual or a product.

We understand that a Bringing the network effect to Transportation TrucX is a location enabled platform, connecting customers in need of freight transport, with truck owners. Being mobile driven, it leverages location information of trucks to connect multiple vendors to one customer, instantly. Map based property search engine with analytics to aid user in decision making.

Can I get the direction to the place? Are they living in this city? Linqmart Real time customers for your business LinQMart is a local business based social network and a real time marketing platform. Access to peer evaluation is available to few. Mobile Publishing made hassle free! The platform is available through subscription Plus, as a free member of Pennyful, get real money as cash back on every order when you buy products and services from all your favourite e-retailers.

Answers from people around you. We are a mobile application, which allows you to interact with people who are relevant to you, based on your location and time. You can ask a question, share an idea, or leave a tip about things in your immediate vicinity. People around you in real time will receive AppCovery helps you discover Apps your friends use. As the world is going mobile, the apps that we use more and more reflect our lifestyles that we lead - The shopping app that we shop from, the ticketing app we use to book tickets, the parking app to find the best parking, the social networking apps where we hang Since Speedlink provides high speed download and upload Online garage.

A place where the Renter enjoys the benefits of ownership by renting and the Lessee don't just travel but drives with the ultimate vehicle The Online Portal for Financial Education Finance Train provides free finance education and career resources for anyone who seeks to learn about finance. Enabling visual search across apps Most people find it difficult to search for apparel they want using traditional text-based search. They have no easy way to find the dress they saw and liked in a magazine, on the internet or on the street.

Recent advances in computer vision and deep learning Is data about the person a better representation of a person than the person himself? No long profiles. No chatting. No email. Just describe yourself in sentences and optionally Social Craigslist for used Books Movies and Music MediaNearby lets you organize, share and discover used books, movies and music; by location and social network.

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Mission The ultimate goal of BookCab is to have its own identity in the car rental industry as a most trusted Dapple is Goodreads for movies! The most common way people discover good movies is via reviews and recommendations from friends. However, IMDb and Rottentomatoes are from a pre-social era and neglect this intuitive and engaging aspect of discovery. This creates a very static and uniform experience Keysome is a web based qwerty keyboard app designed to integrate all your frequently used web services into a simple keyboard functionality. Social games - where video games meet social networks We are a team of 9 members who have been working in the social games industry for the past 3 years.

We have already launched many small applications and are currently working on a small game to test the water so to speak. However, we have developed and launched Lets users organize and follow their interests to keep tab on whats happening. Incentive driven social footfall multiplication for retailers At Rewango we are creating a platform for the physical world retailers to multiply their store footfalls and increase sales. We achieve this by allowing retailers to create incentive-driven viral social-word-of-mouth offers and campaigns.

For consumers we aim Inbound Video Marketing Challenges: 1. Creating Content: One of the biggest Roof top solar plants We are building roof top solar plants. The model is to have the customer pay a fixed tariff over the plant life, and to get the plants funded through investors. For the first time, brain fitness is for everyone. It has 2 development Dronna not only gives you personalized, contextual information but also prioritizes the search results based Platform for Experiments We built FoodKhoj for enabling easy food options for students in campuses. To solve the problems faced in managing group emails, we built the MailSyncr technology, Demo available on request.

Our team is split between Bangalore and San Francisco. Book flights and discover serendipity among travellers. Launched in August , iloho features a global flight booking service with a social twist. What's interesting about iloho's business strategy: i The supply and ticketing partnership Our proprietary ProfileMatch methodology ensures near perfect match of talent to your requirements. More than businesses in India currently use our 24 hour turnaround candidate search services.

We publish great mobile apps and websites, You convert visitors to customers We consult businesses and startups on responsive websites and mobile apps. We have also built our own publishing platform called Golpo. It helps business and consumers in creating their own blogs and content publishing applications. Update : The team has decided Extendible and Customisable. Users could add their own vulnerabilities and use it in their enterprises or to check their app for The platform is also helping parents on a one-on-one basis in solving Lets put our heads together!

ThinkOut is a mobile app for getting all our tasks done by using contact list and pay them directly through our smartphone. Features Instantly solve a task by people from contact list. Get the task done within the fixed time. Decide a strategy by putting heads MNN Software always aims at infusion of latest technologies for advancements of web development and software development and graphic design. We specialize Work abroad with a startup or social enterprise BrainGain helps young professionals find employment and summer internship opportunities with startups and social enterprises in emerging economies.

We find them the right employer based on their individual needs, and then handle the visa, housing, medical insurance, At AxisRooms we are making it easy for a hotel to manage its online presence. NextGen of Hiring ePoise is a NextGen hiring product that automates interviewing on video, making it asynchronous. It eliminates scheduling altogether and enables a candidate to take interview at their own time and convenience.

For an employer this leads to reduced time to hire, Having reached paying customers, we are now making a platform Organic farming, Food processing and international learning center We are a public limited organic agriculture company. The company holds a 25 acres land in kaveri river basin. With the expert and scientific team that we are, we plan to execute the following activities 1.

Organic farming -fruits and vegetables that are for Eonmall - The Hyper Mall of Brands An online social e-commerce mall platform for sellers and buyers to interact and make purchases in confidence. Tracking and M2M Solutions company We developed a vehicle tracking product for India market really worldwide that is an entirely cloud based Enterprise solution.

Distinguishing characteristic of the solution is that it is highly reliable, usable, and scalable. We have marquee customers in Courier, Where everyday spending pays for College We are building a loyalty program focused on helping parents save for their child's education. The firm is based in Bangalore, India and we are currently in discussions with four retailers to launch the program by Aug Web-scale experience engine to capture your world stealth-mode.

Our vision is to build a global, web scale, high performance product beneficial to both consumers and organizations. It spans the domains of media creation and consumption, social networks, and delivery of experience. Content Marketing Made Easy Godot Media takes the pain out of content marketing through fresh and engaging content. Simple Marketplaces for all your financial needs We started with a device tracking concept "Locayte" for B2C and extended it to a Mobile workforce manager for the enterprise segment. Though we got few clients, scale was a challenge due to high customization requirement.

This triggered evaluating a new concept. Experience the world with different perspectives. The Media often reports just one side of the story that ends up brainwashing us. We believe that to truly understand something we need to look at Our aim is to inspire and bring out the true virtuous soul by bringing high fashion and global trends. For us it is about creating a good balance between fashion, quality We make college campuses truly social Bakfy is a mobile app which connects the entire college campus like never before. It acts as local twitter for campuses where students can chit-chat about the happenings in the campus or on any other topic they wish to.

Bakfy puts the entire college under one roof, For booking a cheap flight ticket or searching a cheaper hotel room, you do not have to go on individual Travel Agents' and Airlines websites'. Instead search using BeOnTrip. Cloud integration makes importing documents easy.

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Annotation and discussion tools make it easy to keep your discussions in one place, unlike email based coordination where Better, quicker and connected illness recovery through mobile nurse Prescription is lifeline for patient, but it is not understood and stodre by patients.

This leads to following issues: 1. Lack of information An open source community project to empower free exchange of books. Sites: TheJournal. My News. Personalise your news feed by choosing your favourite topics of interest. Create your own newsfeed. Irish News. Create my newsfeed. This site uses cookies to improve your experience and to provide services and advertising.

By continuing to browse, you agree to the use of cookies described in our Cookies Policy. You may change your settings at any time but this may impact on the functionality of the site. To learn more see our Cookies Policy. Updated 6. Motions on their own cannot get rid of charges — only legislation can. Short URL. About the author:. About the author. Christina Finn.

Top 7 Sex Positions - Make Her Come FAST - Deep Penetrating SEX

See more articles by Christina Finn. Contribute to this story: Send a Correction. Read next:. Social Media Marketing is one of the reliable sources of Online Marketing Services which helps to enhance the visibility of any product, company or services. YouTube and much more. Here I personally prefer Facebook to enhance the visibility as the number are active members are higher on Facebook only. Social Media Marketing focuses on the following aspects :. Social Media Marketing building a brand of every new product used in a wise manner. Just sharing some links are not enough if it is not equipped with useful information.

One should try to share high-quality contents in form of blogs as it will gain the interest of the general audience. Social Media Marketing is much more than sharing, it involves paid part of marketing through which one can promote his or her business through display ads, affiliate marketing, content, and video marketing. The only motto is to enhance brand visibility and to generate more leads. Getting a site on the top may be a time-consuming process so creating social accounts will be helpful in capturing social people.

Given in the current world almost every person owns a smartphone, desktop or a laptop, and they spend a lot of time in social media sites, implementing social media marketing strategy greatly improves product recognition since you will be interacting with a broad audience. To get started one can request employees, Instagram followers, and friends to like and share your post or page. Getting people to interact with your product creates awareness among the public, hence they may end up being potential customers.

It is human nature to attract attention. Establishing social media marketing allows one to respond to a specific customer at a time.

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Customers do really appreciate when they know they will get a personalized response when they post comments on your page rather than get an automated message response.