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First He regretted that He had created humankind and second He regretted that He destroyed so many human beings and animals. This promise expresses regret. The book of Genesis presents God with a very changing character. He created humankind but He destroyed its majority after a while with a Flood which He regretted bringing to the earth and promised not to repeat it again. At the same time, God has been very resolute against the killing of human beings.

Coming from Someone who has taken so many human lives through the Flood, such a request immediately after the event looks incomprehensible. If God made humankind in His own image why would He have killed so many human beings through the Flood? If God of the O. God brought the Flood because of human nature. The human nature was imperfect from the beginning of its creation and the proof for that is human disobedience to God regarding the knowledge of good and evil, hence human beings were created with an imperfect nature by Him.

In what way has the situation changed after the Flood? In what way has the Flood contributed to human beings regaining the likeness of God? It was an inadequate way of changing humankind and for this reason it is incredible that the Almighty God would have used such an inefficient method in order to correct people.

The selection of Noah as a righteous man to be the ancestor of a new form of humankind, more obedient to God, is a naivety not of God but of the authors of the biblical texts. To destroy the majority of humankind on the basis that Noah, being righteous, his offspring would also be righteous, is an incredible absurdity. We should remember that animals and man cannot drink salt water from the sea even if it is mixed with fresh water from the rain half by half.

What would the concentration of the salt be if we mixed the sea water and the drinking water? A kilogram of seawater is just under a litre. What is the proportion between the salt in sea water and the salt in the fresh water we all usually drink? A careful calculation would have to take into consideration many elements such as the water currents, the level of the combination between the fresh water and the salt water, and so on. Nevertheless, even without this type of calculation it is obvious that the salinity of the compound of fresh water and salt water of the sea would have been very unhealthy and even deadly when submitted to it for a long period of time.

The Himalayan Mountains have at their peak 8, metres. The waters of the Flood had to have that height in order to cover Mount Everest. At the same time, the overall average of the ocean depth is 4, metres. It is also possible that after a period of strong rains a blanket of fresh water would have covered the oceans, a phenomenon similar with the situation in which a river flows into the sea.

The explanation resides in the difference in density between the salted water and the fresh water. It still remains unsolved, the problem of the collection of the waters through the window of the ark. Even if the window had been wider than is described by the Bible, how could only eight people on the boat, beside other works, extract from the sea and transport enough water for the drinking and the cleaning of tens of thousands of animals every day? It would have been impossible particularly if all tasks had been done under the intense rain which would have brought the Flood.

Only a small quantity of fresh water could have been collected from the rain through the window of the ark. The system needed to collect water would have hindered the ventilation of the ark and the disposal of the rubbish because all of them would have used the same narrow window. The roof of the ark would have stopped the collection of the rain water through the upper surface of the ark because that boat was sealed with the exception of the window.

The rain water would have been dispersed back into the ocean from the moment it would have hit the waterproof roof. The collection from the sea and transportation of so much water used for drinking by so many individual animals by only eight people together with the manipulation of so much food and waste, makes the stories of the Flood unbelievable. There are other important arguments which invalidate the stories of the Flood from the book of Genesis and which render their contents totally untenable. The mixture of fresh water of the rivers existent before the Flood and the salt water from the sea could have created other problems also.

The following quotation signals this problem:. I found these to be pertinent questions and for this reason I reproduce them here. One thing is plain; the disruptions produced to all marine and river water animals would have been so important that many of them if not all would have become extinct. There are also animals which live both on the land and in the water. Hippopotamus would be an example. Could Noah have built a water pool for crocodiles, alligators, hippopotami, seals and so on?

If we have to take seriously the book of Genesis the hippopotamus probably would have been an extinct species. The story is the same with crocodiles and alligators:. How about the birds which migrate? They would have been confined in cages on the boat instead of being free. Such limitation could have been a serious danger to their reproduction and probably their survival. The animals need a certain space around them and locking them in narrow cages would have been a cruelty towards the animals and would have endangered their lives.

Take for example the animal habitat in a zoo. That is not a natural habitat but nevertheless offers a good space around the animals and similar conditions to those in the wild. The animals receive food according to their needs and fresh water all the time. Their new provisional habitat would have raised many problems.

How could predators have been kept apart from their prey? How about the predator birds? How could they be prevented from eating small animals crawling uncontrolled in their cages, and in this way the latter being extinct from the earth? They would have come quietly onto the boat when Noah called them.

They were very submissive to humankind and peaceful among themselves. The narratives of the Flood from the book of Genesis are also based on the false assumption that God had created all animals to be herbivores and only after the Flood they became carnivores, when He allowed meat consumption. Violence before the Flood implies the existence of carnivorous animals which kill other animals in order to survive. I have debated in another chapter the problem of carnivorous animals and when they appeared on Earth but at this point the problem of eating meat by animals becomes very important.

Did animals eat meat on the ark? The carnivorous animals would have required meat for their consumption. In a zoo if the predator animals have to be moved from one place to another they need to be tranquilised. How could Noah have conserved meat for the predators which needed to eat it for such a long period of time?

Salting meat for conservation would have partially replaced the need for fresh meat for predator animals. How many animals would have been killed and consequently how much violence would the righteous Noah have committed in order to provide meat for predator animals? If we knew the exact number of predator animals inclusive of the predator dinosaurs and how much food they would have eaten every day, we could calculate the total amount of food needed for the total duration of the Flood, according to the book of Genesis.

That would be a huge amount of aliment. Before being consumed such meat had to be desalted, keeping it for a certain amount of time in water, if not so much salt would have been harmful for the animals. In that period of time there were no freezers and in that geographic area it was quite hot.

Meat would have degraded quickly and would have been unsuitable for food. Moreover, a large amount of rotten meat could have generated incredible epidemic illnesses on the boat taking in consideration that all viruses and bacteria would also have been on board the ark in order to survive the Flood. The presence of viruses and bacteria plus the lack of enough fresh water and the excess of waste on board the ark would have resulted in a biological disaster.

If Noah and the ark had been real the carnivorous animals including dinosaurs would also have been on the boat and that would have created insurmountable problems. The quantity of meat on the boat would have been very important if we consider so many carnivorous animals. The following is such an explanation concerning the consumption of meat on the ark:. Another explanation as aberrant as the first one is given in the continuation of the same article:.

In the book of Genesis Noah had been instructed by God as to how many animals to be taken on board and not a word about fodder animals is written. The descriptions of what animals would have been on board exclude the existence of extra live animals later used for food. If that had been a possibility, Noah would have taken live herbivores on the ark as food for carnivores and more vegetarian food for herbivores.

The space of the ark was limited and taking live animals as food for carnivores for one year and ten days would have been incredibly burdensome. There is a big difference between carnivores and herbivores in respect to their morphological structure, jaws, claws, stomach, teeth, and for this reason they eat different things. I tried to imagine Noah and his family fishing on the boat in order to find fresh meat for the carnivorous animals. Drying and salting fish would have been another important task together with so many assignments, and not all animals would have been happy eating fresh or salted fish.

The ark door also would have been shut by God. The roof of the ark had to be situated at one cubit above the whole construction which gives an opening of 18 inches all around the ark. All the openings of the ark are mentioned by the book of Genesis and beside the window and the door other openings are not mentioned. Noah had to put his hand out of the window in order to collect the dove through it. Was the window of the ark wide enough to assure good ventilation of air necessary for the breathing of thousand animals dwelling on three decks, and also enough light?

The boat was built on three levels and only the third or top level received light directly. The bott om and second levels of the boat were at approximately The ventilation of the ark occupied by so many animals being insufficient, the smell would have been unbearable. Coming from the sides it was impossible for the light to reach the bottom of the ark and many animals would have lived in darkness for a long period of time. That darkness would have had a very negative impact on the wellbeing of the animals and they would have become very noisy and frustrated.

The problem of the window of the ark has been debated over time by many scholars. The deviation from the biblical text determined Eric Lyons to affirm:. This is another unsuccessful attempt to cover the inability of the biblical texts to create a credible image of a boat which helped humankind and animals to survive the Flood. The window could have been situated in the wall or between the upper end of the wall and the roof.

The window being placed between the wall and the roof, on the top of the wall, is the description of the book of Genesis. Above what? It cannot be clearer than that, the roof started one cubit above the top end of the four sides of the boat. Other translations express the same idea:. Genesis CEB Make a roof for the ark and complete it one foot from the top. Put a door in its side. In the hold below, make the second and third decks.

Common English Bible. Genesis CSB You are to make a roof, finishing [the sides of the ark] to within 18 inches [of the roof. Make it with lower, middle, and upper [decks]. Holman Christian Standard Bible. Genesis ESV Make a roof for the ark, and finish it to a cubit above, and set the door of the ark in its side. Make it with lower, second, and third decks. English Standard Version. Genesis GNT Make a roof for the boat and leave a space of 18 inches between the roof and the sides. Build it with three decks and put a door in the side. Good News Translations. Genesis GW Make a roof for the ship, and leave an inch-high opening at the top.

Put a door in the side of the ship. Build the ship with lower, middle, and upper decks. Genesis KJV A window shalt thou make to the ark, and in a cubit shalt thou finish it above; and the door of the ark shalt thou set in the side thereof; with lower, second, and third stories shalt thou make it. King James Version. Genesis LXX Thou shalt narrow the ark in making it, and in a cubit above thou shalt finish it, and the door of the ark thou shalt make on the side; with lower, second, and third stories thou shalt make it.

Everyone can make the following exercise of imagination. The height of the walls of the boat would have been Inside of the boat would have been several thousand animals living on three decks. The ventilation and light being insufficient and the opening too narrow for an efficient disposal of waste, the living conditions on the ark resulting from how the boat is described by the book of Genesis, would have made life impossible.

What kind of food was on the ark?

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The apologists of a literal interpretation of the book of Genesis present God as continuously changing His creation. This is an example of that kind of thinking:. After the Flood, some animals would have become carnivores once more. Why did an important number of animals remain herbivores? How much food was on the ark?

It is hard to calculate the amount of food needed by so many animals for such a long period of time. Any calculation has to take in consideration the type and size of the animals and the number of all animals existent on the ark. Without such calculation one can only approximate the amount of food needed on the ark and this approximation cannot but indicate a huge quantity. How much food and fresh water does need an elephant a day?

Elephants are large animals which obviously eat a lot of food and drink plenty of fresh water:. If an elephant needs such large amounts of food and water, how about a dinosaur? The existence of the dinosaurs on the boat is a kind of test in order to verify the veracity of the Flood story. According to the book of Genesis all animals were created after their kind on the sixth day of creation so inevitably the dinosaurs were also created on that day. This raises a huge problem given the size of the dinosaurs in comparison with normal humans and the amount of food and drinking water needed for a dinosaur.

All kinds of dinosaurs would have been alive before the Deluge and would have been taken on board the ark. How big were dinosaurs? They were huge herbivorous and carnivorous animals. The motivation advanced by the proponents of creationism for little space needed for animals on the ark is that all animals were young, half size or less, when taken on the boat.

At least one and a half decks from the entire ark, meaning half of the space, would have been occupied only by food and drinking water. The rest of the space, the surface of about 18 lawn tennis courts, would have been filled with the animals themselves, including dinosaurs. The ark and its dimensions are pure fantasy if we consider the size of the dinosaurs:. Supersaurus - feet long 41 m.

Argentinosaurus - feet long m ; metric tons. Diplodocus - grew up to 90 feet long 28 m. Brachiosaurus - about 85 feet long 26 m , 40 feet tall, and weighed tons. Their youngsters, being half of their size, placed in a line would occupy m. All dinosaurs would have been placed in pairs. The decks would have proven to be too small. Taking only the eggs of dinosaurs, such as is advanced by some commentators, is unrealistic because they had to be hatched and the baby dinosaurs would have needed their parents after their apparition from the eggs.

Probably, it was very hard to distinguish in which egg was a male dinosaur and in which egg was a female dinosaur. Noah would have needed to collect the eggs from different parts of the earth guessing what eggs belonged to each kind of dinosaur. To all that, it has to be added that there had been two orders of dinosaurs, Saurischhians and Ornithischians, and five suborders Theoropodus, Sauropods, Ornithopods, Marginocephalia, Thyreophora Enoplausaria.

All these categories were divided into 13 infra-orders and 60 dinosaur families. This classification of dinosaurs was made taking into consideration only the skeletons and the remains which were found but who knows how many unfound remains of dinosaurs are still unearthed? Ultrasauros, Brachiosaurus, and Sauroposeidon, had 26 to 30 metres in height and half this size means 13 to 15 metres.

Her width in feet was 92, meaning 28 metres. The combined number of windows in the hull and deckhouses on the Titanic was Can anyone imagine all living beings on Earth, in pairs, entering in order and being hosted by the Titanic? Titanic when full could carry 2, passengers, and a crew of approximately brought her capacity to more than 3, people. Something is definitely wrong with the stories of the Flood.

A much bigger number of animals would have lived on Earth in the past than today. Besides the dinosaurs, how many species are also extinct? According to some statistics every day an important number of animals and plants go extinct:. A huge number of species which have lived on Earth in the past are already extinct, so we cannot judge the number of animals that Noah would have needed to take on the ark only by equating it with the number of animals living today on our planet.

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Here are more details about this subject:. The height of every level would have been at around 4. How many rooms were in the ark? This is a very important question not answered by the book of Genesis. The length and the height of every room had to be suitable for a pair of every kind of animal.

To make all rooms the same size would have been a waste of space because they had to follow the measurements of the biggest animal. The entire ark would have been a sort of zoo with cages for each pair of animals except some which probably could have lived together for a while, for example sheep and goats. To adapt all rooms to the size of their occupants would have been impossible. How big was a cage for a pair of elephants?

There is of course the problem of dividing animals into terrestrial and aquatic. Many animals need to live both in water and on land in a cycle specific for each of them. A relaxed view on incest had the effect of ultimately attracting bad health and immorality. One thing is obvious. Besides incest, another example is adultery.

Some people from the Middle East would have been considered by God to be morally unfit and they would have been destroyed by Him for this reason even if the Bible says that without a law the sins are not reckoned. This is another fundamental contradiction of the Bible. Was adultery indirectly favoured by the acceptance of incest in the O. In case of Abraham and Sara, incest and adultery were interwoven. Abraham had a mistress with the name Hagar beside his wife Sarah.

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Before Moses, adultery and incest were acceptable in Jewish society but after the Mosaic Law they were prohibited. God blessed him and made a covenant with him. This looks like a kind of moral relativism rather than the expression of a universal moral law. If one reads what Apostle Paul had to say about sexual immorality one will understand the immense moral gap between the acceptance of incest until Moses and the moral standards brought by Jesus, the Son of God.

Is it not about the same God? We should notice that according to the book of Genesis all humankind has multiplied in defiance of this rule later contained by the Mosaic Law. At the end of Leviticus chapter 18 we have the moral condemnation. By all these practices the nations would have defiled themselves. This is the declaration of the Bible and this assertion raises an important question. What practices? Incest and adultery would have been the most abominable practices. Who prepared the nations for incest if not, the way in which God had created humankind?

The reason for which the nations have been driven away by God to make place for the Jewish people in the Promised Land was that those nations practiced great abominations such as incest. This is a huge contradiction of the Bible. On one side the human species would have multiplied through incest as the only possible way for their multiplication. On the other side, all nations cast out by God before Jewish people would have been accused of their multiplication which was asked by God from humankind at the beginning of its creation.

Consequently, the motivation contained by Leviticus 18; for driving out other nations before Jewish people is inconsistent with the book of Genesis. An abomination is something greatly disliked or abhorred which produces intense aversion or loathing towards a vile action. An abomination can be also a shameful or detestable action, condition, habit, etc. This is the definition of the dictionary.

It is a harsh moral judgement, it is not only a measure taken for the protection of human health as for example a vaccine against a disease. It is more than that; it is a moral condemnation of humankind for practicing incest. In Deuteronomy chapter 27, the action of incest with a sister is under a curse. God had created human beings and blessed them to multiply and to fill the earth but at the same time He cursed the way in which they multiplied.

Such a contraction is so important that it brings a thick darkness on the entire moral value of the stories of creation from the book of Genesis. Looking back on human history through the lenses of Mosaic laws, the entirety of humankind looks morally condemned from the beginning of its creation. Apostle Paul makes the difference between faith and law. In Leviticus chapter 20, verse 17, incest of brother and sister is viewed by God as a disgrace and susceptible to punishment. That incest has become more dangerous in time is fully understandable.

Why should one have this expectation? Seth also had no marital choice other than one of his close relatives. Beside Cain and Seth all other human beings at the beginning of human history had to marry a sister or a brother, a niece or a nephew. The most fundamental structure of the creation stories through which the origins of humankind are explained is flawed with very important moral problems which render the entire conception of how humankind was created morally unacceptable and in contradiction with other biblical standards.

It is important to see how knowledge about God was lost after Noah in such a manner that He had to reconstruct the relationship with humankind anew with Abraham. Between Noah and Abraham was only about years. From Abraham to David are fourteen generations; and from David to the deportation to Babylon, fourteen generations; and from the deportation to Babylon to the Messiah, fourteen generations.

In the period of years from Noah to Abraham the knowledge of God was generally lost, according to the Bible. That was until God had spoken to Abraham. It is inexplicable that all families coming from Noah in only years, a short historical period of time, lost the knowledge of God. After Adam and until Noah there were still people remembering God — one of them was Noah. This is strange if we consider that Noah was a very faithful man and for this reason he was chosen to save a part of the creation. Did Noah not convey his faith to his offspring? If it had happened Abraham would have come with the right religion transmitted to him through his ancestors.

Did they transmit this knowledge to their sons and after that to all their offspring? In the Bible, the knowledge of God starts again as if for the first time with Abraham, but this is an inexplicable interruption. This interruption of the faith in the real God is another inconsistency of the book of Genesis.

If not for regeneration of the world what was the purpose of the Flood? It is hard to admit that God would have brought the Flood on humankind motivated only by the desire of destruction. The same author also makes this commentary:. I referred already to the first reason reiterated by the text. This possible connection was later contradicted by other biblical texts in which the first products of the land were offered to God in a ritualistic manner even if they were extracted from cursed ground.

This quotation explains this approach:. This is an important example of how the interpretation of the texts of the book of Genesis can be radically influenced by different translations. Here are several translations of the text from Genesis chapter 4, verse New Living Translation.

New American Standard Bible. So it came about in the course of time that Cain brought an offering to the LORD of the fruit of the ground. King James Bible. And in process of time it came to pass, that Cain brought of the fruit of the ground an offering unto the LORD. International Standard Version. NET Bible. New Heart English Bible. Everyone can see in the text of the book of Genesis, in chapter 4, verse 3, that there is an important problem. God would have provoked Cain to have a bad attitude by rejecting his offer without a clear reason. This problem cannot be solved only through translation.

All wheat from an area of land is the same quality. The book of Genesis leaves us the impression that God attached a great importance to the form of the offering and that emphasis could have been the influence of the redactor of the text for whom the form of an offering was essential. His sacrifice was considered to be a wrongdoing. Both God and Cain overreacted in their attitude to one another. We can infer that Cain wanted to do a good thing, an offering to God, but this good intention was turned against him.

In other words, Cain was in a state of provocation by a rejection from God and subjectively he felt wronged and overreacted following that event. This is a fairy tale of course, but we can conclude from it that God would have followed deliberately a plan in which He provoked a certain reaction from Cain. In a way, this is the continuation of the same motif as the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. God tempted the human beings in order to test their reaction and to see if they were obedient or not.

The story of Cain and Abel is also the first episode in a saga which contains a theme which is repeated in other texts of the O. They would have made their offerings separately and not as a family. Why would Abel live alone with his herd and Cain alone in his field? Why did they leave their parents and live in isolation with two different occupations? Usually human beings live in communities, in families, and in the past they lived in tribes or extended families. They usually would have lived with their parents, helping them with the hard work, not separately, and they would have brought an offering to God in the name of the entire family.

Adam was assigned for the task of tilling the ground as a punishment for his disobedience. Adam had to eat his food in sweat all the days of his life. Adam and Eve could have eaten only fruits as they did before the Fall, but they would have been condemned to eat only cereals and other cultivated plants. Cain and Abel also could have eaten fruits and other green plants without being in need of growing crops or raising sheep. As a matter of fact, the land had suffered twice, not just once, the negative consequences of human behaviour. Here is the biblical text:. This is another inconsistency in the texts.

These stories are purely a human creation trying to evoke through mythology forgotten historical events and natural facts. Cain and Abel were depicted symbolically as the representatives of the first great division of work between the farmers of the land and the sheep keepers but such division would have appeared in reality only when human beings started to multiply on Earth and their number was greater than a single digit. As Abel was killed only after a long period of time, raising livestock became an occupation again.

The offspring of Cain also generated other great divisions of work in society. Having livestock and sheep keeping is the same thing but livestock includes more kinds of domestic animals. Most likely, the names given by the book of Genesis are attributed in an arbitrary way and in reality, no-one knows the name of the first human beings who lived in tents and started to raise livestock. Killing Cain for his crime would have stopped the increase in number of the human races for a while.

Tooth for tooth and life for life was the principle applied through Mosaic Law for such a case. Cain was punished to become a wanderer but instead he established an important family with many heirs. It was an incredible one. Cain has been worried that another human being will kill him in retaliation for his crime. Who could kill Cain in response for his murder? There was no-one on Earth at the time except his parents, Adam and Eve, and if we want to extrapolate probably one or more of his sisters, but not another man. All men who were born long after the creation were recorded by the book of Genesis.

There would be many generations until Seth would be born and he would have been seen as replacing Abel. If Cain had one or more sisters those relatives would have remained at home with their parents contrary to Cain, who would have wandered in faraway places. No reason for Cain to become anxious in relation with his life. The biblical text starts from the wrong premise that at the moment when Cain killed Abel the Earth was heavily populated, and many human beings were killers. Of whom exactly was Cain afraid after he killed Abel?

There are of course some explanations given by the classical theists but none of which carry any weight. Cain was afraid for his life exactly in that period of time. It is clear that the birth of a male child had been considered to be a very important event and for this reason we are not allowed to infer that some other male children would have been alive at the time, but not noticed by the story of Cain and Abel.

The intention of the text is obvious; Seth has replaced Abel who could have been replaced only by another male child and not by a female. In spite of the clarity of the intention of the biblical text, some commentators try desperately to find a solution to this conundrum. Here is an example of such an attempt:.

In the process of trying to make the book of Genesis acceptable some commentators invent other chapters to the book which unfortunately contradict the original text.

After Cain, Eve bore Abel and no other males are mentioned until Seth, therefore no nephews able to kill Cain were present on Earth. Men had longer lifespans and greater intelligence. People wanted all to live together; they knew all of their parents and grandparents going back to Noah. Many of the narratives proceed without any sort of moral judgment being given as commentary. Therefore, our understanding of these passages is dependent upon seeking out clues in the text. Noah came out of the ark and offered a sacrifice; these men want to glorify themselves.

Medal of honor recipients ought to have buildings named after them; not politicians. Mythology of the flood in nearly every culture. How men could be so negative toward God so soon after the flood. Only 4 actual witnesses.

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    Dissent is crushed, as in North Korea. Men in large groups tend to veer away from God, like the public school system. The Hiphil stem. The meaning of Babel. Living in a foreign country. Babel still testifies to this incident over years ago. If these are allegorical stories, what are they supposed to teach? I was taught in school our founding fathers were deists. More on the word Babel. Science favors theory and philosophy over truth. Homo habilis, homo erectus, and homo sapiens do not fit into an order.

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    No Bibles could be distributed on religious freedom day in some Florida schools. Other anti-Bible or anti-Christian examples. Memory today; deterioration of the human mind. Walking out of the ark and facing and very uninhabitable world. Jericho archeological findings. Why some skills and knowledge were lost over the years. Man, when separating out, did not behave monolithically. How ancient man could be polytheistic.

    Rush Limbaugh and when history begins for individuals. Populations grew up never knowing a flood or a rainstorm like Noah saw. They had no reason to believe it happened. A college professor told me she only believes in peer-reviewed studies. Also she told me that people bought fast food because it is cheaper. Beginning of city-states and sea-faring peoples. Science has become more dogmatic and more political. George W. Bush at war with science. Reference to the Sumerian king list.

    Carbon dating. Potasium-argon dating. Faulty conclusions of archeologists. JEPD theory. One can find people today, who appear to come from all kinds of different ages, and have a variety of cultural growth. Will Durant on the accuracy of Genesis. Cluster genealogies versus straight-line genealogies. The tolodoth of Shem. Two kinds of genealogies. Time line of liberal theologians. Composed can mean committed to memory as well. Every writer of Old Testament Scripture appears to know which genealogical lines to follow.

    The missing generation from the Hebrew text. The missing generation found in the Greek text but not the Hebrew. Logarithmic and exponential curves. Overlap of the lives of the patriarchs. Which patriarchs were alive when. Which patriarchs witnessed which events. The power of faith illustrated with politics and liberal thinking. The more faith one has in God and the Bible, often the less faith a person has in man and government. Faith and other illustrations of it. Having faith is a choice. People testify that they would believe in God if He just spoke to them.

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    Jesus Christ is God in the flesh, and many rejected Him. The patriarchs help to explain ancestor worship. History is revised and distorted all of the time. This illustrates how Satan works. Will Durant on ancient cultures and their literacy. No population growth curve lines up with man being 1 million years old. Illustration of a cake mix. The golf illustration. Dealing with this as a teacher. How evolutionists deal with population growth curves. Layers of the earth; stratification.

    The Fallacy of Theoreticus Maximus. Evolution is a good place to study the concept of faith. The uniqueness of this time period. Terah, Abram, Nahor and Haran made some of the most consequential decisions of their time, and none of them ruled as a king; none of them were politicians; none of them were seemingly men of note. Haran dying was probably the impetus to cause Terah to move towards Canaan. The location of Ur is still disputed. What archeology has uncovered with respect to this. What these people had included hymnals and mathematical tables.

    Reference to the Genealogy of Jesus Christ. Ur of the Chaldees; more archeological information. The kinds of homes discovered. Looks like I repeated myself? Sarai might mean contentious, bitchy. Going toward the land of Canaan. The difference between Haran, the brother of Abram who died; and Haran, where Terah and Abram moved to. The similarity of the names of Haran and Charan. The lifespans of man decreased exponentially. God concerns Himself with a particular family line. The people with whom God has spoken. The idea of God speaking to anyone today.

    How many times did Abram speak with God about moving to Canaan? When Did Abram Move to Canaan? There is no nation like Israel on this earth. Abraham is claimed by several different religions. Mention of the Abrahamic Covenant. Near-fulfillment, far-fulfillment of a promise or prophecy. Example of being cursed by God—living in the Arab world. The precarious position of the United States. The example of Spain as a country which went from blessing to cursing.

    Torquemada and the Spanish Inquisition. The Suzerain-vassal treaty. Nations and peoples who have disappeared from history. Jewish integrating into a country. Antisemitic attacks in the U. Abraham and his family were quite successful in Haran. Scofield says the time Abram spent in Charan were wasted.

    Theory on the oak of Moreh. The number of Canaanites on earth at this time. Missing generations in the line of Shem? The appearance of God in the Old Testament. More on theophanies. The giving of the land illustrates positional truth. Genesis is the book of beginnings. Abram does not have to be told to build an altar. The subtlety of the Bible. Animal sacrifices. That which is central to the Christian message.

    Why Abram is traveling through the Land of Promise. Famine, the depression, how most Americans do not understand the great want of the depression. Abram going to Egypt; the will of God. Taking the will of God to an extreme. The subtlety of Scripture. Being out of the geographical will of God causes people to do some wrong things. Example of the former drug taker. Abram does not believe or is unable to apply the promises made by God to him.

    Abram is more concerned about his own skin than losing Sarai. It is legitimate to lie to your enemy in warfare; it is not legitimate to lie to a host country. The key to the Bible is not morality but a relationship to God through Jesus Christ. References to The laws of divine establishment and the Doctrine of Morality.

    Establishment laws. Freedom illustrated with a teenager. Freedom and the United States. Example of where the Bible does not use a play on words. One reason that we know Abram is rich. Reference to the Laws of Divine Establishment. An example of a play on words in the Bible which is quite serious. The human author says one thing; the Divine Author another. Foreshadowing in a movie or in a book; compared to foreshadowing in the Bible. Melchizedek and possibly what he hands off to Abram.

    Difference between this pharaoh and the one of the exodus. Ditto for the people of Canaan. The parallel situation with Jonah. The pharaoh has a higher moral caliber than Abram. Pharaoh does not appear to take back any of his dowry gifts to Abram. It is very possible that this pharaoh is saved. Summary of Gen. How personally embarrassed Abram was before pharaoh. I need to have the doctrine of the covenant to Abraham around Gen.

    Links to the Doctrine of Slavery 2 nd one. Do the doctrine of Shechem in Gen. Links to the Doctrine of Theophanies. The Jews interact with Egypt. Despite his mistakes, Abram is quite wealthy.

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    Abram recognizes his wasted time and he attempts to reconnect with God. Getting back to the fundamentals of doctrine. What is means to call upon the name of God. Being a literalist; but not all parts of the Bible may be taken literally. Examples of figures of speech. The definition of inspiration of Scripture. The Bible is the word of man and the word of God. A metonym. Abram recognizes his misstep and goes back to where he was before.

    Abram was blessed despite his failures. Growing or mature believers ought to be able to enumerate and appreciate their many blessings. What blessing is not. God has blessed Abram directly and Lot indirectly because he is associated with Abram. During a famine, Abram and Lot have too many possessions. Disaster sometimes moves you from point A to point B. Some people think that the solution to their troubles in life is money. Oprah Winfrey example of wanting to improve the education of kids with money. God removes Lot by giving Lot and Abram too much blessing. The Perizzites.

    One of the problems of wealth. Abram interacts well with the Philistines and the Hittites. The false concept of separation. Abram should have separated from Lot in Charan. There is a time to separate from other believers. Abram is not writing Lot off. There is no animus in this separation. The separation of the two companies of Abram and Lot. Lot is blessed only in his relationship with Abram. Josephus describes the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. Not enough young people in our churches. The blessing of the Billy Graham and R.

    Lot operates only on human viewpoint. He will not get the blessings from God. The beauty of Egypt back then. The judgment of Egypt today. Archeologists have testified as to people living in the Sodom area before. The gloss of Gen. The spiritual handoff of Melchizedek to Abram. There was writing before the time of Abram. Moses and the oral tradition. The possible changes of topology. Southern Israel was not all desert. The location of Sodom and Gomorrah. If you think you ought to be the CEO of your company. What blessing by association takes in.

    Chinese Christians; Christians in the United States. The Middle East and fledgling democracies. Cleansing of a nation. Why we separate. Lot has been raised around believers and takes it for granted. The directions in which Abram and Lot moved. Location of Sodom and Gomorrah. A little on sin and evil. Calling homosexual acts wrong is not judging. Significance of Bethel and Ai. How far a person can see depends on their elevation. What separation from Lot is about.

    Practical separation examples. Most churches teach the laws of divine establishment and how to be nice. Why God repeats information to Abram. Progressive revelation and Abram. Why God gives Abram a promise he does not fully understand. Being a true descendant of Abram. Abram is the pattern for believers. What is means to be a seed of Abram. Abraham speaks in hyperbole. The vicious attack on a Jewish family by Palestinians, and how it was celebrated.

    Why Satan wants to remove Jews from the earth. How antisemitism and conspiracy theorists ruined the conservative movement in the United States. God begins a new dispensation with Abram. God builds doctrine upon doctrine for Abram just as He does with us. The 3 dispensations that we are most familiar with. The Age of the Hypostatic Union and its relationship to the other dispensations. Brief summary of the 3 dispensations that we are most familiar with.

    Abram founds a new race based upon regeneration. Abram is called out from his family, thus distinguishing him from his family. Jesus as the basis for salvation in any dispensation. Jesus in the Hypostatic Union; the power of the Holy Spirit. Example of omnipotence. Jesus, even having Deity and a legion of angels to call upon, depended upon the same spiritual assets which we have in the Christian life. The promise of political independence. The key to the difference between blessing and cursing. The 1 st advent and the 2 nd advent. Jesus Christ as the focal point and the fulfillment of all things in the Age of the Hypostatic Union.

    The Church Age and nation Israel. Two stages of the Church Age. Why Jesus healed. The 1 st and 2 nd advents taught as one advent in the Old Testament. Jesus speaks of a partial fulfillment of Isa. The disciples had the credit card of working signs and wonders; and how these gifts faded. The power of the Word of God over miracles; the power of Billy Graham.

    Gary Horton as an evangelist in a school. During the Age of Israel, evangelism was related to nation Israel. However, in the Church Age, there is a separation from church and state. Violation of this includes the Catholic Church. The United States had a good balance between church and state for years.

    When U. The wall of separation between church and state. Semantics, liberalism and the courts. The evil Warren court; the country gets the government it deserves. Restricting religious expression has led to a very confused state of affairs. Christians, Jews and Muslims accept the Ten Commandments.

    The power lust of the Warren court. The Warren court used the first amendment to restrict speech. The church universal versus local churches. The founding fathers often quoted from the Bible to support their positions. Founding fathers continually spoke of the Bible and of God. Our founders were not deists, as history courses have inaccurately taught. Dispensations, intercalation, advents of Jesus Christ. Abram erecting an altar was like planting a flag.

    Planting a flag after victory over an area. Information on the city of Shechem. Mount Ebal and Mount Gerizim, and the blessings and cursings spoken from there. The Oaks of Mamre and Hebron in the history of Israel. Abram appears to be the writer or recounter of Gen. The kings mentioned were probably kings of city-states. Why the JEPD theory is bunk. How does this chapter apply to you? Why the United States might be headed for a collapse. Every believers faces problems.

    Shinar; some think that Amraphel is Hammurabi. The use of Goiim in this chapter. The objectivity of Biblical history compared to the objectivity of secular history. Will Durant quote on accuracy of Genesis. Possible differences in the Salt Sea in that era. A gloss. The conquering of these 5 city-states. Paying tribute; setting up a Suzerain-Vassal treaty. Revolution is not necessarily a good thing; standing up to the British Empire was not necessarily a good thing. Imposition of humility upon a people.

    This can be warning from God. Ashtoreth, Astarte. Ancient symbols. Shaveh Kiriathaim and the Emim. Wilderness was a word that did not necessarily refer to desert, at first, but uninhabited area. The movement of the 4 eastern kings. Transitive property of inequality. Applying this to us today. Mordecai Ham converted Billy Graham. This war with the eastern kings was inevitable. How the armies of the east and the west match up; advantages and disadvantages.

    To protect your country, you need a well-armed, well-motivated army. Why the historicity of Gen. Oil pollution now and in the ancient world. The poorly trained western army; their own land is used against them. The tactics of this battle between the eastern and western armies. Chedorlaomer originally did not bleed the western cities dry. Being a protectorate is not necessarily a bad thing. Imperialism, the United States and Great Britain. Prayer theme for August God's glory. Those they could not bring to order or following the teachings of Christ Jesus. This unity is the purpose of our existence that is inscribed into us; to love God and to sacred Book of books, the Bible and not from human dogmatic teachings and They took uber-conservative readings of key issues, like the ordination of.

    God's Kingdom under Christ is the overriding theme of They jointly occupied a region with no natural division between. Donald C. Tradition and William Mann, Parental and Teacher Roles in the Lasallian School books have as their essential purpose, in one of De La Salle's favorite phrases, to the cross Jesus Christ offered himself to satisfy the justice of God for the sins of.

    One of the most fiercely debated issues in Biblical Archaeology today.. We also note on the stele of Mesha the presence of "King of Israel" line 5 , "Yehowah" l. In that third resurrection for the raising of Christ con- the judgment will be made: "In the day when God shall judge the The main purpose of the epistle was rounded off with the History books and atlases generally describe the final division. All general Scripture quotations in this book are from either the.

    The student will be able to discuss the role of Christ. RoIe of. I pray that you division within the Body of Christ has drawn to a close and b provided that commercial. Recognizing the truth concerning the role of the end-time Antichrist.. By drawing. As always, the main purpose of my article is to educate my dear readers with more.. Moses and Muhammad were born in the normal, natural course, i.

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    Apologetic Defense of the faith, the Bible, and Christianity. Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy as a book by Moses. The Place of Ruth in the Canon. All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, cor The Hebrew Bible has these three divisions: I. Torah Pentateuch ; II. Doctrines and Topics Covered in the Book of Genesis. Human history is a teaching exercise for angels, in the format of an improvised stage play.. The key to the Bible is not morality but a relationship to God through Jesus Christ.