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Makes you proud to be both a Canadian and proud to be an independent author too. Thanks Martin for bringing all these great names to our attention! Please note: There are some errors in the section about me, which I've discussed with Martin. So here are the corrections: My last name is Tardif one 'f'. This article tackles an issue which needs to be addressed and Martin Crosbie deals with it very effectively. The value of a book will never lie within the medium in which it is transmitted print or ebook , but in the ideas it sets to flight.

Very interesting information. It seems the old guard is fighting a useless battle. How does the Writers Union benefit its members anyway? Seems self published writers are taking better care of themselves than the old system is prepared to do.

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And please tell me why an e-book costs almost the same as a manufactured paper based book? Seems the publishing companies are trying grab what they can while they can. Self published books are WAY more affordable and just as good! There is an organization for writers that has open membership, the Canadian Authors' Association. I'm sure that dentists just allow anyone to join their organizations, and lawyers, too?

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Sorry, just because you have a book out, that doesn't make you a professional. Are sales numbers and amazon rankings the only ways to measure the value of a book? Hats off to these indie writers.

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The production model they are using seems an effective one to find the readers for the books they write. Other books require other models. Is Mr.

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Crosbie suggesting that only self-published books are legitimate now? Writing, publishing and reading are changing -- whatever shape it takes will have contributions from all sorts of writers and readers. The kind of old guard vs. Thanks for your comments Anna and BG. My point was that the Union and others like it are out of touch with the needs of self-published authors like myself. Their major announcement was supposed to signal a change but I'm not sure what that change is or how it helps me.

The union and others are trying to measure "legitimacy" utilizing an outdated system and all I wanted was for readers to read my work, and I've found a way to accomplish that.

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Some excellent points by the author of the article, and I'm happy to discover some new Canadian writers, too. Belonging to an organization is great I belong to several, including the Writers Union but it's not the definition of being an author.

As far as using Amazon for a measurement, I see the legitimacy of it because it's tricky to get numbers from traditional publishing houses. At least as an Amazon author, you can see immediately how many books you've sold, rather than waiting for a royalty sheet once a year. That being said, I love both print and e-books, and there's obviously plenty of room in the marketplace for both. I would never do this but I find you so beautiful!

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And not sure where you went. We chatted at I had the displeasure of being invited to mandatory work meals with people in my office. I would Arts Topics.

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The Indie Book of the Day for 27th of September ! Genre: Suspense , Horror. But her life is about to spiral out of control. After her six-year-old son Sam is kidnapped by a serial abductor, she nearly goes insane. Sadie is the only person who knows what the kidnapper looks like. Amazon Amazon UK. Book Insight. Read Sample. Whale Song, an emotional mystery that explores controversial issues like assisted suicide, school bullies and racism, has captured the attention of numerous film companies. A screenplay, which I wrote with co-writer Alison Neuman, was completed in , along with a movie treatment.

And sometimes when I think of a movie deal, I smell buttered popcorn. In September , my gripping action-packed techno-thriller The River was released.