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And Kinney, who was used to riding to miles each week, has not been on her bike since. But, Caban says, on that fateful day on Oct. Her hospital room was constantly filled with family and friends checking on her, hugging her and visiting with her. Even a representative from the company with whom she had the scheduled interview stopped by. Her parents, who live here in San Antonio, were ready to move her into their house following her hospital stay. I want you to move into my house with our kids. We will take care of you. Her parents, other family members and friends have been crucial to her recovery — supporting her in the journey and taking turns with Erwin to help with transportation for physical therapy, doctor appointments and other errands.

Within another month, Caban was beginning to gain back feeling in her hips. Unfortunately, Caban remains unemployed and without health insurance. But her friends and training mates from running, cycling, swimming and the triathlete communities have raised tens of thousands of dollars to help with rehabilitation expenses. With events and social media postings, they are also raising awareness that cyclists are on the roadways and drivers need to pay attention. However, just after Christmas, Caban encountered another setback, and since, has been suffering excruciating gastrointestinal pain related to her injuries.

As a result, she has had to halt the physical therapy sessions. The problem seems treatable, so hopefully I can get back to therapy soon. My job now is to get healthy. And I am determined to walk again. That helps both of us. I am so thankful for all the people around who are helping me.

Now, Caban says she is looking for inspiration. I want to learn from him. I want the sport to grow, and I say go for it! Responding to the news, local cycling and multi-sport expert Marco Garsed who owns Tri-sition Area with his wife, Lorena said the ordinance is a good thing. Drivers need to become more aware to share the road. We are so sorry that Monica is having to pay the price. Our thoughts and prayers are with her every day. In fact, he and Team Tri-Sition Area were instrumental in coordinating the bicycle fundraiser that helped Caban get through the initial stages of her recovery.

Kinney also believes the ordinance is a good thing. With strategic communications, collaboration, lifelong learning and a healthy lifestyle, Deborah M. Martin is making a positive difference in our community. For more information, you may contact her at dmartincommunications gmail. Note: The Ironman Triathlon consists of a 2. Cycling Inside Continue working out and working toward your goals on those cold, dark days by cycling indoors on the trainer. We are blessed in San Antonio in that we can cycle outside most of the year.

I remember many rides on my trainer, rollers and spin class to maintain my cycling fitness before the triathlon season. There are those colder and windy days when cycling outside just may not be so pleasant. When you go outside to cycle, the temperature feels 10 to 15 degrees colder than it really is. So what do I suggest when the weather is poor or when it is dark? Get an indoor trainer, put your bike on it and ride inside.

You will get a workout in, and you will get stronger on the bike. Here are some specific workouts you can do on the bike to improve not only your cycling, but also your times in a triathlon or a cycling race. Sometimes, when we look at athletes spinning on the bike, it is quite choppy. This is an important pedaling drill. Athletes unclip one foot and rest that foot on a chair or part of the trainer so they can only pedal with one. The bike needs to be in an easy gear for a comfortable higher cadence. A key to this drill is that it can be very difficult to get through the top of the stroke, position.

Athletes need to focus on smoothing this top transition. In the beginning, this may be too long of a spin for individual legs, knowing that the hip flexors may fatigue. This drill activates your core muscles, which are important in an efficient and strong pedal stroke. The upper body needs to be silent and allow the legs to do more of the work. My athletes will do five by two minutes at 95 rpm, , , max rpm, with rest intervals at an easy effort and a normal cadence in between each set.

Tabata intervals: Tabata sit-ups, tabata jump ropes and tabata air squats — if you have ever done CrossFit, you have heard of tabata intervals. Tabata intervals were first used in Japan by Izumi Tabata, using two groups of athletes and comparing moderate highintensity training with high-intensity interval training. The athletes who did high-intensity interval training improved their anaerobic systems, as well as their aerobic systems. The athletes who did the moderate high-intensity training only improved their aerobic system and had little or no increase in their anaerobic.

Tabata intervals are a total of four minutes. The 20 seconds of training should be so hard that you crave the 10 seconds of rest and have difficultly completing the four minutes of work. You can do tabata intervals during a swim or run, as well. Big gear training: The goal of this is to develop strength and muscle recruitment. Your muscles may not feel the best with this, but guess what?

Athletes do three- to eight-minute repeats in a big gear at a cadence of 60 to 70 rpm with a rest interval. For the last fourth of the workout, I suggest standing. Transition workout: A transition workout can be multiple transitions or single transitions. When athletes are getting ready for a duathlon, I have them set up the trainer in the garage and have their transition race ready.

The workout is minute bike, minute run, minute bike, minute run and three- to five-minute tempo bike,. When athletes are doing a triathlon, I usually have them ride the trainer with some interval work and then transition to a to minute run. That transition needs to be fast because the clock will not stop in a race setting. What is my purpose? Am I working on drills, speed, intensity or power? She has coached many athletes to their first Ironman, as well as athletes getting ready for marathons, sprint triathlons and the Fritzsching-Rulon has done numerous triathlons, she is a four-time Ironman triathlete and she has participated in CrossFit and CrossFit competitions.

If you are interested in having Fritzsching-Rulon coach you to your next goal, whether it is preparing for a triathlon or a marathon, getting stronger or improving your nutrition, contact her at www. Strength training: A vital part of a fitness program you cannot skip to preserve your body and improve your overall health and fitness performance by Dr. Marta Dahiya. Many people I know, as well as myself, consistently have a negative attitude toward weightlifting and strength training.

Most do not enjoy it, and even I did not understand the importance of it until recently. Strength training enriches daily life by enhancing endurance, assisting in proper weight management and improving overall fitness performance. By definition, strength training is a concerted effort to use resistance or weights to work a muscle group.

Many have been misled into believing that maintaining an active job or doing housework is enough to keep muscles healthy and strong. An active lifestyle is beneficial to the body, but it takes a focused effort to work muscles by either using weights or personal body weight.

Many women accept a false representation of strength training and fear a muscular and bulky body. However, women do not produce. A regular strength-training program can reduce body fat, increase lean muscle mass and burn calories more efficiently. Humans are a naturally active species; therefore, exercise must be a vital part of preserving our bodies. Starting as early as 25, people who do not exercise lose about 0. This leads to tasks as simple as standing up from a chair, going up and down stairs and picking up something from the floor becoming more difficult with age.

Strength training has been shown to mitigate this gradual deterioration of the body. Control your weight. As you gain muscle, your body burns more calories, which can result in weight loss and decreased body fat. Reduce your risk of injury and falls.

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Building muscle helps protect your joints from injury and contributes to better balance, which can help you maintain independence as you age. Fight fatigue. As you get stronger, you will have more endurance. Sharpen your focus. Research suggests. Sleep better. It is easier to fall asleep quickly, enter a deeper sleep, awaken less often and sleep longer.

Improve cardiac health. The risk of heart disease is lower when the body is leaner. Studies have prompted the American Heart Association to recommend strength training as a therapy for patients in cardiac rehabilitation programs. Improve glucose control. Lifestyle changes such as strength training have a profound impact on helping adults manage their diabetes. In a recent study, 16 weeks of strength training produced dramatic improvements in glucose control that were comparable to taking diabetes medication.

Control depression and boost mood. Strength training provides similar improvements in depression as anti-depressant medications. Currently, it is not known if this is because people feel more self-confident when they are stronger or if strength training produces a helpful biochemical change in the brain. Manage other chronic conditions. Strength training can reduce the signs and symptoms of arthritis and back pain. It will increase muscle strength and general physical performance, improve the clinical signs and symptoms of the disease and decrease disability.

Research has shown that strengthening exercises are both safe and effective for women and men of all ages, including those who are not in perfect health. Two to three to minute strength-training sessions a week are sufficient for most people. Strength training is not as intense as bodybuilding or heavy lifting, and it does not require equipment or expensive gym memberships.

It can be done at home or in the gym. For more information, please go to www. Note: If you are interested in reviewing a list of references, please contact us at NFit magazine. Try pushups, pull-ups, abdominal crunches and leg squats. Resistance bands are inexpensive, and you can find them at any sporting goods store. Barbells and dumbbells are classic strength-training tools, and home items can substitute until you can purchase a set.

Fine-tune your ski technique before you hit the slopes this spring by following a few top-notch tips from three-time Olympian Caroline Lalive. Steamboat Springs, Colo. The fastest she was ever clocked was 94 miles per hour. Now Lalive specializes in teaching women to be better skiers. The hardest part of skiing can be that first turn or just getting started at the top of a run. Be where you are. Be in the present. Women ski differently from men because our center of mass is lower.

For men, the center of mass is in the shoulders, so they lean forward. For women, the center of mass is in the hips.

The products include:

Think ski tall. The next tip is to focus on one foot at a time. Lalive calls it feeling independent sides and working each foot independently from the other. You should actually feel the pressure change from foot to foot. As we track down, see if you can keep your shoulders straight down, allowing your lower body to do the work. Think hips over feet. Alternate pressure from one foot to the other as you make your turns.

This is just to name a few. After being on the program I no longer deal with depression, weight gain has turned into weight loss, the pain is no longer there and the energy level is tremendous now. I am no longer on any medication and I feel like I am back in control of my health again. I would truly recommend this program to anyone with thyroid symptoms. I had pre-diabetes, high cholesterol, severe inflammation, brain fog and confusion. After several weeks in the program, I no longer have blood sugar issues, cholesterol down points, no more inflammation, the brain fog and depression went away.

I am very grateful that Dr. Webb came into my life and I hope you find this program. Take the first step toward becoming YOU again By reserving your seat for this event that has changed the lives of so many women just like you. Reservations are required and seating is strictly limited. New Patients Only. One Guest is Welcome. Recommend Bringing Your Spouse! Special to NFit. My journey began a little over three years ago, during a period of postpartum depression. I was looking for an outlet and a healthy way to deal with my overwhelming desire to find meaning during a time of loneliness.

I was 30 pounds overweight, I had never played a sport in my life and I was a fulltime housewife and soccer and dance mom to three beautiful children. To top it off, I had asthma, bad feet and a bad back, and I had recently been diagnosed with Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease a form of muscular atrophy. My search led me to take an interest in exercise.

I rose to the challenge of learning all three disciplines running, swimming and cycling , and started down the road to becoming a triathlete. Running evolved into triathlons, then to Ironman. My first show is on March 30 in Daytona, Fla. Training and finding my soul There was something about feeling physical pain that released a lot of emotional pain during my long runs and bike rides. During the sensory-deprived swims, I found myself having my best conversations with God. When all of the outer layers are peeled away during intense training, you find your soul exposed.

I not only found myself the true me , but was also able to finally deal with a childhood trauma — abuse that had taken a piece of my soul. The relentless drive I had to prove my strength, I discovered, was a reclaiming of my power — a voice that was taken from a 2-year-old little girl. XX is born As I shared my newfound passion and relentless pursuit of my goals on Facebook, including my journey to becoming an Ironman, I started receiving messages from women who were seeking selfimprovement and wanted to learn more about running, cycling, swimming, strength training and nutrition, or who sometimes just needed a supportive message and a positive outlook.

I wanted to pay it forward — to be an open ear, a cheerleader and a positive voice for women who were going through the same difficulties and life obstacles I experienced. From this, my inspirational page and clothing line, XX, was born. XX is representative of all women. An XX woman knows what it is to be. I have found that the vessel we are given is amazing. I am 40 years old, a triathlete, an Ironman and now an NPC competitor on the best bikini competition team.

An Angel on a Mission Zumba instructor Corina Gutierrez overcomes huge personal obstacles and helps others discover the joy in fitness regardless of their abilities. I know of this beautiful angel on a mission, and she has an amazing heartfelt story that will have you getting out your box of tissues. Well, this happened to Corina Gutierrez and me back on March 2, I love to share the stories of how I met the people I write about because it tells the story of the journey — the truth of how hard a person works to make things happen. It also helps us understand that if one person can be a Healthy Side of Life hero, anyone can — if you set your heart to it.

On March 2, , Gutierrez sent me a message on Facebook in response to a project for Inspiration 4 Life. My reply to her was in total amazement. I say this because even before Gutierrez reached out to me, I had actually been thinking about her. I need to see who this angel is! Gutierrez was one of our original members of Inspiration 4 Life, and at one of our meetings, we had a round table introduction and shared our dreams and goals.

I still remember the day Gutierrez first announced she wanted to become a Zumba instructor. Being in the industry, I was super excited for her.

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Sometimes the bones break for no known reason, and OI also causes weakness in the muscles a service of the U. National Library of Medicine. Gutierrez had been in and out of hospitals pretty much all of her life, due to fractures and respiratory issues. Gutierrez heard about Zumba, and since she loved to dance, she figured she would give it a try. She contacted a local instructor, explained her condition and. For more information on Corina Gutierrez, you can visit her on Facebook at www.

You can also listen to past radio interviews at www.

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Her health improved overall. She toned up, her range of motion was better, her immune system increased, her respiratory issues lessened, her asthma lessened and she simply felt so much better overall. She simply used her heart to reach out and educate others who may be in the same situation as herself. She was tired of being sick and in and out of hospitals, and she wanted to do something about it: Zumba! She gives people of all abilities the option to dance and shine while doing it.

Gutierrez sees herself as a tool that demonstrates moves to people of all abilities so they, too, can do the moves to get fit and have fun while getting there. Gutierrez shows them they can dance, even in a wheelchair, if they just step out in faith and try. I am so proud of Gutierrez and the amazing journey she has endured. It has been a privilege to call her my lovely friend. I love that she is out there inspiring others in our communities, doing what the Lord has called her to do. This is a story that will surely get you moving!

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You go, Corina! We want to control. We want to have a say in how everything in our lives unfolds. But wisdom will tell you to simply allow — to trust. How often does our attempt to control work out for us? We want to look a certain way, but gravity eventually wins. We want our bank accounts to have a specific balance, or higher, but then we create a fear of loss.

We want the world to view us in a certain light, but those around us will see what they want to see. Or a loved one has a crisis that requires us to detour the way we go about our days. Ultimately, we have no control. Life is going to play out in the way it is meant to go. We can entertain the illusion of control at a. Life is going to happen with or without our permission. So what do we do? We accept and allow.

The 29th verse of the Tao Te Ching reminds us that life comes in cycles. All cycles are necessary for life. Resisting any part of the cycle only causes suffering. How do we know what happiness feels like? How do we know of love? Understand that it means nothing about who you are — it is simply what is. Only by leaning into the discomfort can you come out on the other side. Healing physical, mental and emotional. Everything under heaven is a sacred vessel and cannot be controlled.

Trying to control leads to ruin. Trying to grasp, we lose. Allow your life to unfold naturally. Know that it too is a vessel of perfection. Just as you breathe in and breathe out, there is a time for being ahead and a time for being behind; a time for being in motion and a time for rest; a time for being vigorous and a time for being exhausted; a time for being safe and a time for being in danger. To the sage all of life is a movement towards perfection, so what need has he for the excessive, the extravagant, or the extreme?

Allow it to be there without judgment. In your high cycles, come from a place of gratitude. We tend to experience our good times with a lingering fear of losing them. Without gratitude, the highs cycle through and we miss every second of them. Wisdom says to welcome and accept our lows or pain , and not to attach ourselves to the highs. Both are the times of transformation that open us up to experience the joy of being alive.

And both are temporary. These cycles are a beautiful part of life. They move us down the road to our best selves when we ride them with love. And this is the key. Regardless of the perceived source of our lows, we must respond with love to move out of them in a peaceful way. Anger about our situation only binds us. Loving is so much easier than being angry about life.

The most overlooked aspect of love is having love for ourselves, which is vital to healing in the lows and gratitude during the highs. Love yourself wherever you stand in life. There is nothing to fix and nothing to do. Just be. Coming from a place of gratitude and love regardless of our life situation opens so many doors to allow us to experience life at its best. And you are so worthy. To redeem go to campGladiator. Not valid for current campers.

Her passion lies in helping others develop mental and physical habits that allow them to find their true self. In this way, one more soul is reconnected to the whole. She is an Ashtanga yogi, a writer, a consciousness coach, a mother, an ex-wife, a trail runner, a speaker, a ranch hand, an aircraft mechanic, a cook, a mystic, a listener, a healer and a bad ass. Find her at www.

Have you ever been so desperate about something that you posted for advice on Facebook? Pining for a solution and hoping for an answer, I asked my Facebook friends for advice on keeping up with my laundry. First, let me explain: We have three kids 5 years old and under. The amount of laundry I do in a week would make Martha Stewart herself bawl her eyes out. I suppose. Needless to say, I needed help. There were some fantastic ideas to make laundry easier. But perhaps the one that helped me the most was from my friend, Becky. Whatever the problem may be.

I took her advice, and it worked! The oncecrammed drawers are now half-empty, and with less to wash, laundry really is easier. It felt so great that over the next week, I went room-to-room cleaning out drawers, cabinets and closets. I donated more bags of clothes and toys to our local Church Under the Bridge than I thought possible.

It felt so good to have room to spare in our closets and rooms. Her advice went beyond that, however. It reached beyond the little dressers in my house and into my daily life. I knew deep down what needed to be simplified: my schedule. Or maybe you just need to get a schedule and quit flying by the seat of your pants. I must admit I have been in all three of those situations, and probably more.

It was Jesus who said something revolutionary game-changing ideas were often what he was known for. As a culture, we have probably swayed to the opposite side of the. We are often too busy for an hour of rest, let alone a whole day. Yeah, I felt that one, too. The truth is, people practiced a day of rest for millennia, so why do we think we are simply too busy to do so now? I mean the type of rest that brings us perspective and peace. What would happen if we intentionally planned our schedules so that we had some downtime?

What if we used that downtime well — like reading meaningful books, visiting with those we love or simply enjoying the world around us? My encouragement for you today is to resist squeezing every last drop out of your calendar and plan ahead to just … make some peace. To read more articles like this, along with recipes, marriage topics and more, go to www. You can also contact Emmitt via Facebook or Twitter breannaemmitt. Combine all ingredients except olive oil into Cuisinart or mixer and blend for two minutes. Slowly drizzle in olive oil and blend an additional two minutes.

Chill before serving. On gas grill: Lightly dust both sides of filet with black pepper. Place on hot grill for two minutes. Flip filet and grill another two minutes. Test for medium doneness. Roasted: Place filet in hot skillet and sear on each side for one minute. Remove and place in oven for eight to 10 minutes at degrees. Toss all salad ingredients lightly with dressing. Place freshly prepared salmon filet on top. Serve with side of focaccia bread with olive oil and rosemary. Spradlin has a love of adventure and the outdoors, having spent four summers as a white-water rafting guide in Colorado and a semester during college at an orphanage in Thailand.

Spradlin currently owns and operates Bella Bridesmaid, an upscale boutique in Alamo Heights. As a San Antonio resident, living a wellbalanced and healthy lifestyle has become one of her passions. Improving The CTRC Fitness Center helps cancer patients improve their chance of surviving and take back control of their health through exercise. Stacey Young-McCaughan, a researcher and professor at the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio, this program brings together experts from the fields of cancer research, exercise physiology, physical therapy and program evaluation.

The goal of this program is to provide individual fitness evaluations and exercise programs to cancer survivors, their family and their friends. Since officially opening its doors on Sept. The CTRC Fitness Center is staffed by two exercise physiologists and a research assistant who have a combined 26 years of exercise program development experience. He is also a certified strength and conditioning specialist and corrective exercise specialist with nearly 10 years of experience working with a varied population.

This expertise ensures that each survivor receives the best exercise program based on his or her individual condition. Upon their initial visit to the CTRC Fitness Center, participants meet with an exercise physiologist for a comprehensive fitness evaluation. After the initial evaluation, participants meet with the exercise physiologist again to receive their individualized exercise programs. The participant receives exercises designed to improve strength, cardio endurance, balance and flexibility that follow the American College of Sports Medicine guidelines for cancer survivors.

Program participants are then welcome to perform their exercises in the CTRC Fitness Center, which offers treadmills, recumbent bikes and an arm ergometer, as well as strength and balance equipment. The center can also develop a home-based exercise program, and will provide equipment for participants to safely perform the exercises in their own homes.

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Participants are re-evaluated every four months. When it comes to exercise and cancer survivors, people usually fall into two categories: those who exercised before their diagnosis, but. Regardless of your category, research has shown the overwhelming benefits of exercise for cancer survivors. Benefits for survivors include improved muscular strength and endurance, increased cardiorespiratory capacity, increase in muscle mass, decrease in fatigue and overall improvements in quality of life.

Some individuals who are. The program brings together experts in cancer research, exercise physiology, physical therapy and program evaluation. Exercise has emotional and psychological benefits, as well. These can include improved mood, decreased depression and anxiety and more restful sleep. The American College of Sports Medicine has published guidelines for exercise and cancer survivors. These guidelines state that survivors who are cleared by their physicians to participate in an exercise program should engage in two to three muscular strength training sessions per week, accumulate at least minutes of moderate-intensity or 75 minutes of vigorous-intensity aerobic exercise per week and perform balance and flexibility exercises on all days other exercises are performed.

For all survivors, they recommend increasing the amount of daily activity and reducing the amount of time spent sitting. A cancer diagnosis is a life-changing event. Survivors who have engaged in a regular exercise program and experienced the benefits say they feel as though they have taken back some control over their life and their health. They often comment that exercise improves not only their physical well-being, but also their emotional well-being.

When they see the tangible effects of exercise, like being able to carry groceries up the stairs without getting winded or to take that long walk with a loved one, it brings back things in their lives that might once have been taken for granted, but were surely missed. Today is the best day to take back control of improving your health.

Talk with your doctor to make sure it is OK for you to begin an exercise program, and then give the CTRC Fitness Center a call to schedule your initial evaluation. Look out for your health and have fun while still staying safe this spring with sunshine and a sober driver. March and April bring us to beautiful beaches for Spring Break, to backyards for barbecues and the beginnings of sunbathing by the pool and to incredibly fun Fiesta festivities.

With all of this fun in the sun, most of us will reach for a cooling cocktail or an ice-cold beer — Mothers Against Drunk Driving MADD simply asks that you designate a sober driver or find a safe ride home before the festivities begin. MADD South Texas is dedicated to reducing these alarming statistics, especially considering we live in the third deadliest county in Texas for drunk driving — a ranking we must all work together to change. By making smart choices, we can reduce the one in three the number of people who will be involved in a drunk driving crash in their lifetime and make Bexar County a safer place for our family and friends.

All too often, San Antonio news covers tales of tragedy due to drunk driving crashes. If everyone were to make a healthy choice after drinking, we would see these stories less and less. We at MADD want you to gear up for Fiesta without becoming one of the , incidents of drinking and driving that happen in America each day. Have fun, but drink responsibly this season. Drinking too much is not only detrimental to your judgment, but also to your body, causing possible damage to the brain, the heart and the liver.

When you are out and about this Fiesta season, volunteer to be the designated driver and opt for a healthy nonalcoholic mocktail to help shave calories while saving lives. Host a fiesta with flair by planning a fun and safe evening. Include a fun low-cal mock-. Provide plenty of food to keep your guests from drinking on an empty stomach, but avoid too many salty snacks. If you are preparing an alcoholic punch, use a non-carbonated base like fruit juice. Alcohol is absorbed into the blood stream faster with a carbonated base. Stay healthy this spring in more ways than one, and help us make San Antonio a safer place!

Try some of our waist-friendly mocktail nonalcoholic recipes for a way to beat the heat, the bulge and a DWI. This makes two servings at calories each. Rub the rims of two glasses with lime wedge and dip in salt. Divide the margarita between the prepared glasses and serve. This drink is rich with health benefits that lower your blood pressure, boost you with vitamin C, reduce inflammation, improve lung function and give you a dose of antioxidants! Shake vigorously and pour over ice or in a martini glass.

Garnish with fresh basil. MCSP is now offering open gym Monday- Friday for Basketball as well as programs for basketball leagues and senior programs. We have daily fitness programs including Zumba, Judo, and Boot Camps. Please Too many women die each year because they are unaware that heart disease is still their No. In fact, heart disease kills approximately one woman every minute. Women have been fighting heart disease individually and together as part of the Go Red For Women movement for 10 years.

It affects more women than men, and it is more deadly than all forms of cancer combined. Rivera shared her life-changing story with a record-setting audience of nearly women and men. Rebecca Ford talked with participants about taking power over their health with naturopathic medicine. The Texas Beef Council presented on how to infuse passion into food and provided a great beef sandwich cooking demo and tasting after the luncheon.

And cardiologist Dr. Carolyn Cavazos shared answers to audience questions about how doctors and patients can help each other catch and treat heart problems regardless of whether they see a cardiologist or rely on another specialty for their annual checkups. Roberta Bogaev and guests. On Jan. There was delicious Italian food catered by Sorrento Ristorante and Pizzeria in Alamo Heights, and a runway show featuring the edgy glam-rock designs by stylist Toni Jackson. The One Beauty Lounge is showing everyone in San Antonio how having a professional blowout saves you time, makes your hairstyle last longer and makes you look like a star.

What is a blowout? A good blowout can last up to three days. The One Beauty Lounge specializes in makeup application and just recently launched their makeup line called The One Makeup. This new no-cuts, all-style concept is one of a kind in San Antonio. The One Beauty Lounge provides multiple services such as hair memberships, bridal packages, spray tanning, teeth whitening and more.

The lounge also has a personal stylist on staff Ashley Simpson , and it sells a collection of Jimmy Crystal jewelry and accessories. Check out the website for The One Beauty Lounge for a list of services and prices: www. You can also like them on Facebook at www. Our amenities include towel service and showers. Elite Physique also has a shake and nutrition bar, where we offer protein shakes and healthy meals for the convenience of our on-the-go members. Join us today! For more information, call Younique Physique celebrates both its eightyear anniversary and its recent growth and expansion in services.

January marked the eight-year anniversary of the opening of Younique Physique Personal Training Studio, as well as the celebration of the expansion of services offered and extreme growth during As a result, Younique Physique will be operating under. She decided to branch off on her own so she could offer a. Like Like. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. I never go OUT dancing.

I dance almost every day. Fieldpoppy is Cate Creede, who lives, works and dances in Toronto. Like this: Like Loading Published by fieldpoppy. Previous Post New research shows: weight gain as we get older… happens. I actually really like aggressive male stuff sometimes too — Nicky Minaj is a good stand in, lol Like Like.

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