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Keiss Primary School. Contact Us. On behalf of Gabriel the Elf , welcome and thank you so much for stopping by. He was here just a minute ago, but Gladys the Reindeer turned up and now they've both disappeared - nothing new there! Please do have a good look around the site and check back and see if I've managed to find them Recent Updates.

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Available now at Amazon. Keiss Primary School Reviews. It has a really catchy name. Babar books in general beg to be pre read , just trust me. He searches all over Paris and finally ends up in the North Pole and finds after much effort Father Christmas.

Believe Again, The North Pole Chronicles

N 1 on it , meaning of course Pere Noel 1. One-by-one Santa takes the kids home while listening to their tales. He agrees if the kids do one nice thing to make up for a naughty thing they still might find a gift under the Christmas tree. I like that Santa is exhausted by his family but in the end happy he hosted such a large family gathering.

Oh, What a Christmas! Luckily a rag tag group of farm animals step in and save the day. I like how this book can also open a dialog about how even special days can have unexpected bumps and you make do with what you have , just like Santa in this story. The illustrations of the Rat King is a little frightening but nothing that will prevent you from reading it.

How Santa Got His Job by Stephen Krensky is a fun and surprisingly practical story about Santa and how he developed the skills needed for his one of a kind job. My son loved it, especially once the elves showed up, which was when the toys did too! Santa duck is the duck liaison to Santa and he goes around to find out what all the other ducks want for Christmas. His younger siblings want in on the action too and start telling ducks that they can get them bigger and better gifts in an effort to out Santa Santa Duck. Santa Duck explains that bigger and better gifts is not what Christmas is about.

Christmas is about giving and sharing with your family. My son who is 6 and I both laughed at the smart alec ducks and while rude and annoying in many ways they were right when they said Santa Duck was hogging all the fun by being the only duck allowed to dress as Santa and be his helper. Cute book! Santa Kid by James Patterson is a favorite library book in our house this year.

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Can you give us a little inside info… just how naughty shall she be? She holds a pageant of sexy elves and the finalists are chosen by cock size and flavor. Claus, is there hope that Pip will get his Christmas wish as well? Pip is one of the elves Ms.

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Claus chose for her naughty night and he is a little shocked by his boldness, and a little worried that he may have given himself a bad reputation. And right now it is only. Well, who else would Santa fall in love with? That is until he develops an online love affair with another elf on the new dating website Elf for Elf.

But after the relationship goes South, Lars is pretty bummed.

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But at least he has Ms. But then Santa asks him personally to deliver a package to Rudolph, the infamous reindeer handler who left the North Pole and lives like a hermit on Sugar Plum Ridge! Are there any other secrets from the North Pole you want to share today? Another story in the works? Ivan is loving his new life at the North Pole but he has a secret he is keeping from everyone—he has fruitcake flavored cum. Poor Ivan thinks no one can love the real him.

But his friend Danni and her wife Sheila have a plan to help Ivan learn to love himself. Tell us what you are working on now, to release next? There is a lot of angst, romance and even some paranormal action which is sure to keep readers page turning. I have also submitted a gay teen romance which I may publish under a different pen name which is TBA. How are you prepping for GRL? Is this your first time to attend?

And what advice would you give us first timers out there while we prepare for the event. This is my third year, and aside from blogging about the interweb, I am ordering swag and goodies for my fans. I am also part of a fun spotlight with the amazing Amy Lane and Jet Mykles about fantasy. My advice to newbies is just have fun!

GRL is like your Facebook come to life, and you are gonna want to enjoy every second. Feel free to come up to me with a hug, I love talking to people and love nothing more than hanging out with hundreds of people who have a passion and love for gay romance novels.

Santa reads aloud from The Book of Kringle - Legend of the North Pole

J I cannot wait to see all of you!